Physiotherapy on dogs with underwater treadmill - aquatic therapy

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Water Bark Wellness is Maine's premier indoor canine aquatic facility. We provide a year-round, safe, comfortable, and private area for your dog to exercise and have some fun. Our 87-degree indoor pool with gently sloping ramp for dogs provides a full-body workout for dogs of all ages.

(Water Bark Wellness does not provide canine physical therapy. If your dog has recently had surgery, please see the "Questions" part of the website for a list of Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners).
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During the initial examination, your dog’s vet will evaluate the following baseline physical attributes: gait, strength, functional mobility, and physical measurements. He or she will then provide a prognosis of desired outcomes of aquatic therapy. For some conditions, the sooner aquatic therapy begins, the greater chance muscle and bone damage may be arrested or reversed. In addition, your dog will likely reap psychological rewards, feeling happier during convalescence and recovery. Maybe those aquatic people had aquatic dogs. LOL
Photo provided by FlickrRegistered nurse and licensed animal massage therapist founded Aquatic Paws to help dogs suffering with mobility issues
Photo provided by FlickrEventually, Mike said, he’d like to try open swims with dogs of different owners, which some canine aquatic centers do very successfully.
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A year later, April 2004, we opened Good Dog Aquatic Fitness, a referral facility that specializes in canine hydrotherapy, rehabilitation, and massage therapy in North Andover, Massachusetts.Our sessions are private and by appointment. You and your dog can expect total attention with no distractions. We offer self-swims and instructor swims where we get wet and you stay dry! Our sessions are 30 minutes long and whether your here for fun or fitness your dog will leave happy. Services at K-9 Aquatics and Wellness Center are not medical procedures, nor are they a substitute for a medical diagnosis. If you have any medical questions or concerns about your pet, please contact your veterinarian. We want the very best for your pet!
Our indoor aquatic center is the best spot for dog swimming in New Jersey. Heated and air-conditioned, it’s staffed by top-notch trainers with 30 years of combined aquatic dog training experience: Founded in 2012, We saw a need for a new concept of Doggy Daycare & Boarding experience in Central Texas that was better than the rest! Happy Hounds Aquatic & Daycare Center is the result of our vision and hard work. We know that you will see our passion for all the dogs and we promise they will have the time of their life, it’s Kool to Drool!The 5,243 square foot facility in Glenview features an 800 square foot year round zero-depth swimming pool specifically designed for dogs. The Aquatic center also features a window viewing area for guests and clients.With your vet’s input, we can help your dog recuperate from injury or surgery.
In the pool they can: do laps, fetch, play games have hands-on support with our own form of aquatic body work, or float their aches and pains away– whatever suits your goals and your dog’s abilities and preferences.