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The first step in planning a saltwater aquarium is to decide what kind of system you want to keep.
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Due to the potential for "" air pumps are not used as much in saltwater aquariums as they are in freshwater aquariums for aesthetics (air stones or bubble walls) however they are used in the operation of many .
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Regular water changes are performed to reduce toxins (nitrates and s) as well as to replace essential minerals and trace elements in a saltwater aquarium. Using and in your system can greatly reduce, but not eliminate the need for water changes. saltwater fish aquariums and all that
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Whether you are a serious marine aquarium hobbyist or are just interested in learning about the aquarium hobby, Sea and Sky's Saltwater Aquarium Guide provides a wide variety of aquarium help and aquarium information. Here you will find help with setting up an aquarium, aquarium software links, a glossary of aquarium terms, information about equipment, and much more. You can use the menu at left to navigate through this section of the site. Aquarium software can help make the job of maintaining a saltwater aquarium easier. Our aquarium software list contains links for popular software programs, mobile apps, and fun screensavers.Our glossary of aquarium terms contains definitions for some of the most common words used in the hobby of aquarium keeping, including both freshwater and saltwater.The saltwater aquarium articles below are not necessarily meant to be read in any particular order. In fact (if we've done a good job) there will be plenty of links within the articles that will have you jumping all over the site to learn about something new. Read them at your leisure but remember to have fun! Also, you can always use the search box above if you lose your way.Welcome to our Saltwater Aquarium Fish Guide! On this page you will find articles that will get you started on the right path when setting up that first saltwater aquarium setup. There is a lot to learn if you have never kept a fish tank before, but don't get discouraged. The learning process can be quite fun and probably the best advice that we can pass along is to always do your research before you buy anything for your aquarium. Good luck and if you have any questions don't hesitate to hop on the Fish Lore forum and ask a question. There are lots of hobbyists on the forum that are willing to help.This article was written for those aquarium hobbyists interested in the main differences in keeping a saltwater tank versus a freshwater aquarium. Let's get started.There are many differences when it comes to freshwater aquariums versus saltwater aquariums. These setups can be quite different when it comes to initial and ongoing costs, everyday chores and maintenance tasks and care requirements for the fish and inverts.In the freshwater world you hear people talking about African Cichlid and New World Cichlid tanks, brackish tanks, planted tanks, predator tanks, etc. Well, the saltwater side of the hobby has some different types of tank setups as well. There are the Fish-Only tanks, FOWLR tanks (Fish Only with Live Rock) and Reef Tanks. These three saltwater aquarium types progress in startup and maintenance costs. Fish-Only tanks can be considered on the low end for startup costs while FOWLR tanks are moderatly priced and reef tanks could be considered high priced. Refugiums for saltwater aquariums are gaining steam these days as many hobbyists realize the important benefits these refugiums can provide.