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Hornwort is also a good choice for your betta tank. First off, this stuff is fairly easy to maintain as it can handle virtually the same water parameters as are already in place for your betta fish. As long as they get some nutrients and light they should do just fine. Aside from that, these plants can get very long and flow around your aquarium, kind of taking it over in the process. However all you need to do is to trim the offshoots down to control its size.
These accessories, combined with its very affordable price, makes it one of the best aquariums you can purchase for a betta fish.
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Firstly, add fish slowly to the newly set up aquarium (not numerous fish in one day), this links back to the nitrogen cycle.
Secondly, betta fish have another name that you may be aware of, Siamese fighting fish, they get this name for their aggressive and territorial nature. This is a really cool aquarium for all of your Betta fish and it’s thanks to the fantastic design and innovative look of it.
Photo provided by FlickrI am an accountant from Canada with a passion for fish aquariums. I have many years of experience with betta fish in particular.
Photo provided by FlickrThis is a great step! 🙂 Now it is time to make the betta fish aquarium that you have set up look great and be a fun home for your fish buddy.
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Tips on Keeping the Siamese Fighting Fish
The Siamese fighting fish or “Betta” is one of the most popular of all aquarium fish. There are several reasons for this popularity. First, is their beautiful colors often referred to as “splendid”, thus one of the more popular species Betta splendens. They are in the family of fish called Anabantoids. As such they have a special labyrinth organ that other fish do not. This enables them to get oxygen from the water surface as opposed to using their gills to extract oxygen from the water. Because of this special feature they are able to be kept in a small container or bowl, whereas other tropical fish need a larger aquarium with added filtration. The sales of Bettas have surged in recent years as they’ve become displays in beautiful, ornate vases, bowls and glasses and easily kept on a table top, desk or counter.If your Betta is in a bowl, completely change the water each week. In aquariums, replace 10% of the water with dechlorinated water each week. Every month, vacuum gravel, check filters, and replace 25% of the water. Always dechlorinate tap water before adding it to the tank, and avoid soaps and detergents, as these can be toxic to fish.For best results you should start by filling your Betta container with “aged” or “conditioned” water found in existing aquariums. Typically Bettas come from slow moving waters, even the edges of rice paddies in S.E. Asia. Tap water is suitable for them, but it should be treated to rid it of chlorine or chloramines prior to pouring it into the container, which is harmful to the fish. There are many varieties of Bettas available (Split Tails, Half Moon, Round Tail and Crown Tail to name a few) and almost every color under the rainbow. An Aquarium Adventure fish specialist can help you select a good specimen.Pet store bettas are, unfortunately, usually sick when you get them. The best thing to do is read up on them before buying and see if you can find one that's relatively healthy. You can also ask someone at the pet store when they normally get more bettas and try to get one from a new shipment.

If you're using melafix, use half or less of the recommended dose. There is another product by the same company called "bettafix", which is essentially the same but diluted. Melafix is actually pretty toxic, and bettas are affected by it more than most fish.

I always treated fin rot with just clean water and aquarium salt - about 1 teaspoon per 2.5 gallons of water. I'd put them in a smaller tank (my 2.5 gallon one instead of my 10 gallon one, usually) and change the water every day.