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Yes. In order to comply with USEPA and California Department of Health Services regulations, SJWC uses disinfectants such as chlorine or chloramine. These disinfectants must be removed before the water can be used in aquariums or kidney dialysis machines. Please consult your doctor or tropical fish store for guidance.
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Increases Carbonate Hardness; The appropriate amount of carbonate hardness is added to the aquarium water compensating for KH losses, which occur as a result of nitrification. All Aquarion Water Systems Are In Compliance For Lead
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Catalina Water Company has been providing our customers with premium filtered natural ocean saltwater since 1988. We deliver over 10 million gallons of ocean water for use in tropical fish aquariums annually. Catalina Water Company has established a loyal clientele through our commitment to provide service and a quality product at a competitive price. We currently service over 150 retail and wholesale customers. Our service area extends from San Diego to San Bernardino to Ventura counties, Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona. Most people use tap water in their tanks; it is easiest (and cheapest)to use. Unfortunately (for aquarists), local water companies addchemicals to the water to make it safe to drink (e.g., by addingchlorine or chloramine to kill bacteria). More recently, concernabout water flowing through (older) lead pipes has caused some waterutilities to add pH-raising chemicals to the water (lead dissolvesless readily in alkaline water). Consequently, tap water must bespecially treated before it can safely be used in fish tanks.Catalina Water Company is capable of assisting companies worldwide. Our services range from helping the home aquarist to providing various full service water programs for commercial applications. Contact us for information on how to buy saltwater for your aquarium. Caroline Pretyman, a spokeswoman for Eversource, said the deal is the utility's "first foray" into owning a water company. It will operate Aquarion as a separate subsidiary and no job cuts are anticipated, she said.Eversource Energy announced Friday that it has reached agreement to buy Aquarion Water Co. for $1.68 billion, combining New England's largest electric and gas utility with a dominant water company in Connecticut.Catalina Water Company is located in Long Beach, California. In addition to our retail and wholesale tropical fish customers, we currently service numerous universities, medical laboratories, marine research facilities, seafood distributors and the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific.