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Aquarium pumps are essential water circulation devices for freshwater and saltwater aquariums
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Aerate and circulate your water with the Hydor Pico Evolution Mini Pump. This low profile aquarium pump is suitable for both marine and tropical setups. Its design also allows it to function in low water levels, making it a great addition to your terrarium. Keep your water oxygen-rich and moving with this energy efficient fish tank water pump. Keeping your water well-circulated is an essential part of maintaining a healthy aquatic environment. Moving water is more aerated, providing more oxygen for your fish and aquatic plants. In reef aquariums, circulating water mimics the movements of the ocean tides, stimulating invertebrate growth and health. Flowing water also helps support partially aquatic environments like terrariums for aquatic turtles. The Hydor Pico Evolution Mini Pump guarantees high performance circulation and aeration as well as total safety for your aquarium and terrarium life. This energy efficient fish tank water pump is ideal for tropical and marine aquariums, terrarium setups and much more. The small profile makes it a great nano aquarium pump while the very low water intake lets it work well in low water levels as in terrariums. The sleek, universal design lets you use the versatile Hydor Pico Evolution Mini Pump in a variety of setups. The aquarium pump’s flow control knob offers an adjustable water flow so you can customize it to suit your needs. Use the fish tank water pump to circulate water gently in a terrarium or create a petite power head for reef aquariums.
Recirculating pumps, or other types of water pumps, are a necessity for reef aquariums
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Connect the timer-controllable Evo-Mag Circulation Pump to a or (sold separately) for amazing custom water movement in your nano-reef aquarium! To transform the Evo-Mag Circulation Pump into a timer-controllable wavemaker, simply attach the (sold separately). The combined units generate wave-like currents that simulate natural ocean conditions in nano-reef aquariums with corals and invertebrates. Ideal for freshwater and saltwater nano aquariums. Mount onto aquarium glass up to 3/8" thick. Reef Octopus HY-1000 Water Blaster 250gph Aquarium Circulation Pump ..
Photo provided by FlickrReef Octopus HY-10000 Water Blaster 2600gph Aquarium Circulation Pump.
Photo provided by FlickrKoralia Circulation & Wave Pumps, aquarium water pump, water pumps for sale.
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Koralia 3G is the new innovative and unique range of circulation and wave pumps, designed especially to work in reef aquariums. Higher performances, lower energy consumption and quick and easy maintenance are the main features of the Koralia 3G series. The new exclusive Hydor design and technology guarantees a smooth start, continuous and powerful water flow, and can be further managed using the three special attachments and Dual Magnet Support System (DMSS).Improve the water circulation by adding a powerhead. Position the powerhead so it pumps water from the back of the tank and hits the front glass. This will complement the water flow pattern of the filter. This technique flushes every corner of the tank with water and helps keep the aquarium clean.Water movement plays a key role in maintaining fish health in freshwater and marine aquariums. Good water movement is also essential for aquatic plants, corals and even live rock! There are many benefits to increasing water movement in your aquarium with circulation pumps and wavemakers.Over on the eGullet forums, several people have reported good results with aquarium bubblers. The advice is to use the air hose directly into the bottom of the tank, without any airstone. You don't need much agitation to circulate the water. I did that for a while when I was between pumps one time, and I had no problems with uneven cooking in a large (~40l) pot.