you can easily hang water bottles in your glass aquarium

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Hi Tracy, A 20-gallon tank is really too small for even one goldfish and definitely not for any koi. Koi need large ponds especially and shouldn’t be kept in an aquarium unless it is at least a few hundred gallons. Dechlorinating tap or municipal water will help – make sure to get a dechlorinator that neutralizers both chlorine AND chloramines – or spring water will be suitable as well but neither will make much of a differences in an overcrowded aquarium.
the aquarium is a little over a foot tall, so I'm not sure how a water bottle would work :
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A water cooler can be used to cool aquarium water. If an aquarium pump is used to push water directly into the water bottle, the flow rate is too fast and the bottle could overflow. Instead, the water from the pump goes into a reservoir inside the tank (excess water can simply overflow within the tank). The water from the reservoir moves by simple gravity (siphon flow) into the water bottle, and then back into the tank. The water will flow from the bottom of the aquarium through the tube faster as you lower the tube.
Photo provided by FlickrI am getting an aquarium as my hamster's cage, but I'm not sure how to attach the water bottle...
Photo provided by Flickrdoes anyone know of a really good water bottle that can be used in a glass aquarium
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The has taken a bold and admirable step in from its facility. Water bottles, straws, cup lids, and disposable cutlery will no longer be sold on the premises, as the Aquarium strives to align its retail practices with responsible ocean stewardship. It is the first aquarium or zoo to do so in Canada, and will hopefully inspire others to follow.Visitors are encouraged to bring reusable water bottles that can be refilled at four new water fountains and bottle-filling stations located throughout the Aquarium and even outdoors. In a pinch, there are reusable cups available in the cafeteria – a practice which is frequently rejected by restaurants on the basis of hygiene, but seems to be coming back into fashion, thankfully.
8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year. is now 100% disposable water bottle-free! — Vancouver Aquarium (@vanaqua)
I have recently got a new glass aquarium for my gerbils as they made such a mess when they were in a normal cage but there is nowhere to attach their wheel of a water bottle. Any ideas?Sometimes a powerful visual presentation is the easiest way to convince a skeptical audience. The Aquarium has created a temporary art installation showcasing the number of plastic water bottles sold in the café between September and November last year. It looks like a giant trash heap, and yet is only a fraction of the approximately 37,000 bottles sold on-site in 2016.I don’t ever listen to Paris Hilton, but she’s hit the nail on the head this time. Way to go, Vancouver Aquarium, for getting with the times and realizing that single-use water bottles really have no place in 2017. May others follow your example.“Humans are producing tremendous amounts of plastic at a time when the problem has never been more pressing. Currently, there is enough plastic in the ocean to cover every meter of world’s coastlines. There is a great dependency on single-use plastic water bottles that we must curb and the Aquarium, as an ocean conservation organization, is fully committed to doing our part.”If it's a water bottle that has the C shaped wire that wraps around the bottle and the two ends of the C connect to the wire, then you'll either have to get a different water bottle, or buy the little 'bottle holders' at a pet store - they will hold this type of water bottle, and they have a thin metal sheet that wraps around at the lid of the aquarium.