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I continue to follow the threads on forums, aquarium articles, and blogs about UV Sterilization.
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Aquatop is well known when it comes to high-quality and affordable aquarium products. The PF15-UV is one of those products. Being designed to have filtration and sterilization capabilities, this versatile filter with UV sterilization offers you a good way to “kill two birds with one stone”. It features an adjustable flow rate of up to 64 gallons per hour making it ideal for small aquariums up to 15 gallons.
This article explains the benefits and myths about aquarium and pond uv sterilization
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Based on my use and others, this is a no brainer, especially after one aquarium maintenance friend in particular purchased several Turbo Twist 3x UV Sterilizers and after a a year, he had to replace all of them and he noted that the observed actual sterilization results were much better when replaced with the FOR MORE, PLEASE READ THIS COMPLETE ARTICLE ABOUT THE USE OF UV-C STERILIZATION IN AQUARIUMS OR PONDS:
Photo provided by FlickrHere it is. I no longer enter the debate of how useful UV sterilization can be in an aquarium. I throw up this link and let the reader decide.
Photo provided by FlickrI will answer a couple of questions that indicate the improper of UV Sterilization for Ponds or Aquariums.
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The aquarium UV Sterilizer is a water filtration device that uses an ultraviolet light bulb to kill microscopic organisms that are free floating in the water. Parasites, viruses, algae and bacteria (good and bad) are the type of things that are "killed" after passing through the ultraviolet sterilizing unit. UV sterilizer devices can be used on swimming pools, in liquid factories (think beer) and in the home aquarium using an aquarium UV sterilizer. Some large water purification centers employ some sort of UV sterilization on the outgoing water. These sterilizer units are also sometimes used in outdoor ponds to help control algae growth and they seem to do a decent job.The AAP 13 Watt CUP-613 Pump/Filter Model performed well in initial tests, however the AAP 9 Watt UV CUP-609 Pump/Filter Model uses the same 528 gallons per hour manufacturer rated water pump as the 13 watt model which is generally too high for level 1 UV Sterilization.
HOWEVER later tests following adjustments made by AAP of this UV Sterilizer in configuration showed only a 160 gph flow rate in an aquarium in the vertical configuration which is appropriate for level 1 sterilization (9 times 25 = 225 gph or less).
Please note that these "correct flow rate" models are NOT sold on eBay, Amazon, etc., only by professional sellers such as AAP.

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First the Proprietary Heavy duty 13 watt and 9 watt UV Pump/Filter design with double O Rings seems to have solved the leakage/UVC short problem for the most part, and the flow pattern/design is also improved over earlier Submariner and similar models.

One negative is "rated" flow rate, however as per our tests this "rated" flow rate is not the actual flow rate; the actual/adjusted flow for certain proprietary units by AAP is much better for level one UV Sterilization.
The propeller design of the impeller has little head pressure which actually is better for maintaining a flow rate of 25 gph per watt in the vertical configuration.
However, the flow rate is not good enough for circulation of very large aquariums or ponds, so for this reason other circulation pumps should be utilized so and I advice to not depend upon these UV Pumps as the primary mode of circulation.As it turns out, this so-called "deal" for these UV Clarifiers is not so much of a deal when you go to replace the lamp/ballast @ $26.99 for the 9W or $39.99 for the 24W, not to mention these are NOT capable of true UV Sterilization which SHOULD BE the reason for purchase of such a product as often a cloudy or green aquarium is an indicator of poor maintenance such as too-high bio load, over feeding, poor filtration, etc.