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This article presented a comparison of natural underwater light (based on specific data from natural waters) to the light over our aquariums. While there are variations to be expected in natural waters, the general shape of the spectral distribution underwater will be quite similar. Clearly there is a wide discrepancy between the spectral irradiance provided by MH and the natural under water light field. We know from experience that we can grow coral under all the 3 major classes of metal halide lamps 6500K, 10000K and 20000K, so the corals must either adapt to the spectrum or ignore the spectral quality. Unfortunately I do not have any definitive answers to this, hopefully further research will be able to provide more definitive answers.
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For a different angle on the lighting, this company supplies their underwater lighting in the form of artificial plants that glow in the aquarium. There are several different plants to choose from by teach is capable of adding a warm glow the aquarium. They range in price from $7.99-$9.99, a relatively small price for something so unique. Remote Control Underwater LED Aquarium Fish Tank Air Bubble Light 37CM 18LED Light
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Experience a full 360-degree view of an underwater paradise with this unique aquarium. Enjoy a gently shifting light show with the 16 presets or create your own with the remote control time cycle settings.
All BiOrb accessories can be purchased here: One aspect of home aquarium management that has improved immeasurably over the last while is the underwater aquarium lighting that is now available, either on line or at a pet store, if there is one near where you live. There is no doubt that the internet is becoming the main source for accessories to make your aquarium a more interesting place for you and your fish. Very few pet stores even the largest superstores, can and want to compete with the wide selection available on line.CLICK FOR WIKI ►►

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Underwater aquarium lights included in this wiki include the bivisen underwater fish tank lamp, mingdak submersible crystal glass light, inextstation submersible aquarium led, xcellent global multi color, spriak bubble disk air stone, t tocas light with bubbles, thiroom rgb submersible, and image 200ma.

Underwater aquarium lights are also commonly known as submersible aquarium lights.

Most Recent Picks: These sets of underwater lighting systems are very easy to add to your aquarium, they will come with their own transformer so that the correct wattage is reaching the lights and this will normally just plug into the power socket giving you instant illumination in the tank, once you have positioned your lights exactly where you want them, they can be secured by means of the suction cups provided or simply place them on the substrate near any ornament or plant that you wish to be illuminated.Experts say that fish in an aquarium need to be exposed to light twelve hours a day. This will encourage their growth keep them in the “finest of fish fettle”/ the problem is that the twelve hours should not be continuous, and should be at and ideal ratio of three hours on and three hours off. What this fact means for the aquarium enthusiasts is that a small timer will need to be acquired to operate the underwater aquarium lighting in phases. Most of the newer tanks supplied these days come with some standard lighting. However it is fairly basic, both in design as well as in limitations. Older aquariums need to have lighting added. In both cases, aquarium owners are opting for underwater lighting operated by a fairly sophisticated timer system. By doing so the aquarium owner are making sure that the fish in the tanks as well as any live plants or coral are getting all the light they need when they need it. At the same time if you want to play around with lights and colors, the aquarium enthusiast can create some fairly impressive light shows and special effects for their pleasure.For many the limitation with fluorescent lights is that they need to be fitted on the aquarium’s lid as they will not operate underwater. This fact, for many, spoils the dramatic yet pleasing effect of having underwater aquarium lighting within the tank. That is why people may go for the incandescent option for underwater aquarium lighting. Again the experts say that this form of lighting may upset the fish, but as yet, no one has been able to prove the fact conclusively. That the fish live longer and are happier in an aquarium where light has been supplied and is properly monitored both in terms of strength as well as in time allocation is beyond doubt. Installing underwater aquarium lighting may be a bit of an indulgence for the owner. However it is a very pleasant one.