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Use these tips to save yourself some money or grief when buying aquarium stock and supplies online:
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To make sure that the aquarium is just as great in its new home as in its original one, find out everything about the aquarium from the previous owners, if possible. If it is an empty tank, it is important to know how long it has been empty because the sealant can dry and become brittle if left empty for too long. Also, some of the mechanical equipment can seize up when not in use. When buying an entire second-hand aquarium, it is important to find out about the type of environment the tank previously housed. Was it a saltwater or a freshwater tank? Because they require different equipment, buying a freshwater tank and turning it into a saltwater tank requires purchasing additional items.
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Those who are concerned primarily with scratches to the aquarium (such as buyers who plan to install the aquarium in a public space where people may touch the glass) should opt for glass. Those who foresee moving the aquarium frequently should opt for acrylic because it is lightweight and will not chip if dropped. The right material depends primarily on the needs of buyers. How to buy Aquarium Fish: 6 tips for Buying new fish - YouTube
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We currently offer a permanent way for you to show your lasting support for Mote Marine Laboratory or to honor someone special in your life. With a gift of $150 to Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium, you or your honoree will receive an engraved brick that can be placed at various locations in and around Mote Aquarium's main building and the Goldstein Marine Mammal Center. You can choose your place of honor and add a special message. Each brick can carry three lines of inscription with a maximum of 13 characters per line (including space and punctuation). For frequently asked questions about our Buy a Brick program, please .There are many reasons to find ways to save when buying an aquarium. Sometimes, when keeping a community of ,, an aggressive fish can clash with a more peaceful one, and finding a second aquarium in a hurry can become a necessity, regardless of cost. Some beginners do not want to spend much on a first aquarium because they simply want to try the hobby and see if it is for them, so they do not want to spend a lot of money on something they might not truly enjoy. Another reason for buying an affordable aquarium is when moving from a freshwater aquarium to a saltwater setup, or vise versa.Buying new Aquarium fish? I don't put a new fish in my fish tank without doing these Top 6 Tips for adding new fish to your aquarium

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Buying aquarium fish tips- 6 tips for buying aquarium fish from a pet shop.
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Fish Tank People Social Community One of the easiest and most obvious ways to save on either type of aquarium is to shop sales and clearance aisles at the local pet store. Holidays are a good time to look for sales on the aquarium itself or any of the items necessary for setting one up. By deciding to buy the pieces separately as they appear on sale or clearance, it may be possible to collect everything over time at very reasonable prices.