We specialize in Salt Water Fish and Corals, also

Saltwater aquarium pet store in Vermilion Ohio near Lorain and 30 minutes west of Cleveland.
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Take a moment and enjoy these beautiful photos that were taken by our staff and our customers. Most of these fish we have in our aquarium and tropical fish store in Cleveland, Ohio for your viewing enjoyment. We like to showcase our own fish, but we love to showcase our customers' fish and aquariums, too! If you want to submit a photo to be in our gallery, please send it as an attachment to
The first Aquarium Adventure store was opened in 1996 in Brooklyn, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland
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We have the largest selection of African Cichlids under one roof in Cleveland, Ohio and beyond! We offer some of the rarest tropical fish in the state of Ohio. We have a stunning selection of Salt Water Fish and an even better selection of Live Corals. We house and care for many different types of soft corals like mushrooms (Yuma, Ricordea, and others) and zooanthids, have a large number of LPS corals like Torches, Hammers, Frogspawn, Elegance, Acans, and have the largest Small Polyp Stony (SPS) Coral (like Montipora Digitata, Capricornis, Acropora, Pocillopora) selection in Cleveland or Akron Ohio! We do all this in over 25,000 gallons of fresh and salt water with over 400 aquariums on display for you to enjoy when you come to our store. Today, RMS is one of the leading aquarium stores in the Cleveland, Ohio region
Photo provided by FlickrToday, Steve and Mike have four Aquarium/Pet stores in the Cleveland , Ohio area and are the aquarium industry leaders in the region. Their Middleburg Hts.
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Aquatica Aquarium Gallery is Northeast Ohio's largest and most innovative Aquarium Specialty Store and Aquarium Gallery. We are just 20 minutes from Cleveland and 30 minutes from Akron, and service aquariums and customers from Sandusky to Canton and Youngstown to Lyndhurst and everything in between. No matter how near or far you may be, the drive is well worth it. We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do and providing each customer with a unique personal experience to help spread the love of a common hobby.
The first Aquarium Adventure store was opened in 1996 in Brooklyn, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. The showroom has 9,000 square feet and about one-quarter of the floor space is devoted to the display of live fish. The other three-quarters are dry aquariums and fish supplies. The current franchisees, Tom and Dan Tacsar have been lifelong aquatic hobbyists with over a quarter of century of industry experience.

The second Aquarium Adventure store was opened in 1997 in Columbus, Ohio under the direction of Bill Wymard, the co-founder of the concept. The showroom has 12,000 square feet. The Columbus Aquarium Adventure store has become the "research & development" headquarters for the Aquarium Adventure franchise as well as the fish departments in Petland stores throughout the world. Aquarium Adventure Columbus has grown to a $2.5 million retail enterprise in a trade area that reaches out to approximately 700,000 residents.