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Petland dunwoody North of Atlanta, Aviarium NE up 85, Premiere aquatics, creation reef, optimum aquarium, and one more I forget the name of NW up 75. A lot of local stores have closed or gone salt only in the past decade.
The best fish store in Atlanta for saltwater and reef aquariums hands down.
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If you have a passion for fish and indoor aquariums, then you’re in luck. Atlanta has some of the best and most interesting supply stores in the Southeast. From high-end aquarium design and installation to the most fantastic varieties of fresh and saltwater fish, you’ll find everything you need and more when you check out these treasures. Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta Picture: We were so excited to see what Atlanta had in store
Photo provided by FlickrIt's definitely not upto par from Atlanta's aquarium stores and only… read more.
Photo provided by FlickrVisit your local Petco Store located at 1267 Caroline St Ne in Atlanta GA to find aquarium supplies, fish tanks along with both live saltwater and freshwater fish.
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Custom-made acrylic tanks are our specialty. If your desire is a new saltwater 1,000 gallon tank or a simple store-bought 55 gallon freshwater tank or a replica of a tank you've seen, we can make your dream aquarium a reality.

We provide everything from filters to fish. Fresh or saltwater environments.

Maintenance after installation is what sets us above the rest. Atlantis Aquarium takes care of all your needs. Service provided weekly or monthly, with 24-hour emergency service available to all our customers. Part of the fun of growing an aquarium is seeing the tank’s community grow as well. Choosing the right fish or coral is an important step of growing your aquarium. Our team is well versed in which fish work best with others and what combinations to avoid. We know how to choose good coral for your tank, as well. Advanced Aquariums has access to a very large selection of fish and corals, including several unique choices that you don’t usually see in typical fish stores in Atlanta.I visited 5 of the top Saltwater Fish Stores here in North Atlanta. These stores all have been open for years and are still thriving. It was an awesome time! Felt like being in a aquarium.Of course, you can’t have an aquarium without any fish—and a few finned friends are the perfect addition to your home. It is best to purchase fish at your local Atlanta pet store, so that you can see the fish before you buy them and make sure they are in good health. Petco is an excellent choice if you’re looking for new pets, since we have locations across the country offering dozens of kinds of colorful live fish. Whether you’re looking for a single fish or an entire school, we carry a wide variety of pets you can add to your family.This store is definitely the best in Atlanta in terms of display aquariums and authenticity of themed natural aquatic environments. I would consider this Atlanta's "other aquarium".They have great knowlege, however, they don't exactly come running to help you or to answer the phone. The hours aren't the best either.This is one cool store. Not only does Atlanta Exotic Pets sell fresh and saltwater fish and aquarium supplies, but it also offers an interesting variety of reptiles and arachnids, birds and small animals. In the fish department, you’ll discover the coolest lionfish and freshwater blue angelfish. Atlanta Exotic Pets offers a selection to suit every taste and budget. Be sure to check it out.