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The present study analysed the incidence of mycobacteria in apparently healthy looking freshwater aquarium fish in Uttar Pradesh (State), India. Sixty fish belonging to eight different species were collected from six aquarium shops in different cities and processed for isolation of Mycobacterium species. Using the initial protocol of decontamination of tissue homogenates (with 1N HCl & 2N NaOH) and incubation at 30°C for 2 months, Mycobacterium sp. was isolated from 25% of the fish. The isolates were identified by standard biochemical tests. A 441 bp fragment of the hsp65 gene was amplified and digested by two fastdigest restriction enzymes, BstEII and HaeIII. Digested products were analysed using agarose gel electrophoresis. Sequencing of amplified fragments of the hsp65 gene was also performed. Isolates were identified as: five isolates of M. abscessus, three M. gordonae, two M. fortuitum, two M. conceptionense, two M. parascrofulaceum, and one isolate of M. senegalense. Mycobacterial incidence in apparently healthy looking freshwater aquarium fish is dreadful and the study is relevant because of the mycobacterial diversity related to aquarium fish and its zoonotic importance. All Mycobacterium species isolated in this study are well known pathogens in humans as well as fish.
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Photo provided by FlickrAquariums are facilities where aquatic animals are confined within tanks and displayed to the ..
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The study involved investigating customs records at airports and the availability of specimens in retail shops around the world. The data reveals that close to one third of freshwater fish exported from India are either Vulnerable or Endangered on The IUCN Red List. While some individual exporters do provide data on the details of live cargo, others simply list aquarium fish exports under general labels such as ‘live ornamental fish’. This is the first time such an assessment of the freshwater aquarium trade has been carried out in Asia; analyzing export data to reveal trade routes, species composition and volume. Focusing on the Western Ghats and Eastern Himalaya – two internationally recognized biodiversity hotspots, it is hoped that this study will help to create awareness and lead to the development of a blue print for a self-sustained and responsible aquarium industry.