Manufactured with the specific needs of all saltwater aquaria.

Saltwater aquarium lighting requirements are different for different types of tanks.
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For it to be successful, your saltwater aquarium will require a commitment from you. Coral reefs provide one of the most stable environments on earth for the fish that inhabit them. You must dedicate yourself to providing as stable an environment as possible for your home marine aquarium. This will require regular maintenance of the tank. It is a good idea to establish a maintenance routine by setting up a schedule to make sure you don’t forget to take care of anything and to give yourself the opportunity to catch any problems early on.
Before Starting Your First Saltwater Aquarium
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Saltwater Smarts is a unique online resource created to inspire and entertain a new generation of marine aquarium hobbyists while helping them succeed with a saltwater system. Saltwater Aquarium 101 Quick Links:Day 1 | |  | Day 4 | Day 5 |
Photo provided by FlickrSaltwater Aquarium 101 Quick Links: Day 1 |  |  | Day 4 | Day 5 |
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Whether you are a serious marine aquarium hobbyist or are just interested in learning about the aquarium hobby, Sea and Sky's Saltwater Aquarium Guide provides a wide variety of aquarium help and aquarium information. Here you will find help with setting up an aquarium, aquarium software links, a glossary of aquarium terms, information about equipment, and much more. You can use the menu at left to navigate through this section of the site. Aquarium software can help make the job of maintaining a saltwater aquarium easier. Our aquarium software list contains links for popular software programs, mobile apps, and fun screensavers.Our glossary of aquarium terms contains definitions for some of the most common words used in the hobby of aquarium keeping, including both freshwater and saltwater.To keep the fish and other marine life in your saltwater aquarium happy and healthy, you have to do some basic maintenance. Some tasks you need to do every day without fail; other jobs you do weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. And every three months you need to conduct a thorough examination of all aquarium systems, including lighting, heating, filtration, aeration pumps, and tubing. Replace or clean parts as needed.
It seems like we have been getting a lot of new posts on the forum about basic saltwater aquarium setup information. I've written this saltwater aquarium tank guide to hopefully make it easier to understand the start up process for those just getting into marine tanks. I'll make it a step by step article so it is easier to follow. The picture above is my 120 gallon reef tank.What is the best aquarium chiller for a saltwater aquarium? Read on to find out more. Last year, I had a major set-back with my display tank. While working under my tank, I messed up the temperature my heater was set at…unfortunately at the same time I was leaving for …