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Oct 1, 2014 - Parasite treatment kills 100 Albuquerque aquarium fish ..
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While ich is common in freshwater aquariums, the infection should by no means be brushed aside as something trivial. Begin ich treatment immediately. If ich parasites are allowed to run rampant, they can quickly overwhelm goldfish until their weakened bodies can’t handle the attack and your goldfish die.
Parasite treatment kills many fish at Texas aquarium - Business Insider
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Many hobbyists are fooled into believing they have cured their fish of the parasites, only to find Ich present again on fish a few weeks later; a reason why following through with a full treatment protocol is so important. Don't make this mistake and be lulled into a false sense of security. The parasites may be in a stage where they are merely regrouping and multiplying for their "next offensive." In the wild, this sort of massive reproductive phase ensures that a few will find a suitable host to continue on the cycle. In the close confines of our aquariums, though, it means comparatively massive infection rates. Ich / Parasite Treatments | My Aquarium Club
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Another common cause of a parasitic outbreak is inadequate quarantine of new fish, although many aquarists are loathe to quarantine new fish prior to introducing them into their permanent home. Many of the common and more serious diseases do not show up for two to three weeks following transport, and unfortunately, this can result in serious problems being introduced into the established aquarium. A quarantine tank can be a simple as a bare aquarium with a heater and sponge filter. Three to six weeks of quarantine should allow owners to identify any sick fish prior to introducing them into the community tank. During quarantine, weekly treatments with formalin (25 mg/L) are reasonable and likely to avert serious illness in many cases.Generally speaking, aquarists treat their fish at two different times. The first time is before introducing a new fish to the aquarium, and the second time is when a possible parasite infection has been detected. When it comes to preventative treatment, the treatment will normally take place in a separate quarantine aquarium in order to avoid treating healthy fish. Before starting the treatment, always ask yourself if it is really necessary or if simply keeping the new fish in the quarantine aquarium and looking out for any symptoms of ill health would be enough to safe-guard against parasites. Now that we have learned about the life cycles of the common fish parasites, let's take a look at some other common parasites and what they do to aquarium fish. In the last issue, we took a close look at ich, the disease caused by , which is responsible for causing white spot disease. Ich has both free-living and parasitic stages. There are many different treatments available, and specific treatment must be chosen based on the type of fish that are infected and the type of environment in which they are maintained.Treatment with antiprotozoals medications, treatment for ich or velvet remedies may be used. If the fish are salt-tolerant, a prolonged salt treatment, using one teaspoon per five gallons, can be used to eradicate the parasite. Interestingly, since the parasites utilize photosynthesis, by keeping the aquarium relatively dark, this can help during a serious outbreak. Darkness will prevent the parasites from photosynthesizing and will also delay the development of dinospores.