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Double your aquatic wonder with these sturdy metal bi-level aquarium stands.
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I recently moved and thus had to move my aquarium as well (29 gallon). I bought a stand that I hated so I took it back and got the Manhattan Metal stand that Petco offers for a very cheap price. Last Thursday, I set everything up and moved my fish. Everything was fine until tonight when I noticed about a 2 mm gap or so where I could fit up to a quarter and then some in the middle of my aquarium and stand. The sides (corners) were relatively fine. After reading many forum posts on here and elsewhere I decided to adjust the stand and try and fix the gap. My aquarium is not the problem I know because I've had for over a year and there was no gap before.
So metal aquarium stands are fine, with care. I bet that the vast majority of aquarists go for the wooden variety though. I always have.
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Art Deco Antique Vaseline Glass Aquarium Fish Bowl Victorian w Metal Stand. I think this would make a beautiful base for a floral arrangement! :-) 55 gallon metal aquarium stand
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Averaged out, roughly 10 lbs per gallon of water and tank weight needs to rest on the stand, so it needs to be able to support it. This is why most aquarium stands use an internal frame to support the tank made from either wood or metal.Are you currently looking for metal aquarium stand? Well, you can find many in the market. But, if you need to choose one and buy it, you will have to look for the best one of all. You should know there are some material that are commonly used for or cabinet, and the most popular on the market are wood and solid metal. If you like wood, you can read the previous article . But if you are looking for a metal stand, you will find it on this page. Not all those metal aquarium stands in the market are the best for you. So, why not considering Petco Brooklyn aquarium stand then? The stands from Petco are known to be highly rated by customers. So, they are worth to consider. In this opportunity, we would like to tell you three stands of this manufacturer with different size. Let’s see whether they are exactly the same or not here.Metal stands are one of the most popular choices. The reason for this is that they are very affordable among many other benefits. You must only use these with glass tanks though, because the design supports the edges of the tank which is not good enough for acrylic tanks. If you do decide to get a metal aquarium stand then make sure that it is treated for corrosion properly or it could end up rusting and causing huge issues. A negative point for the metal ones is that they don’t have the storage space that the other ones often do.Unfortunately, there is no such thing as perfection even in this great product here. Even it has some cons that have been experienced by its customers. The disadvantages include it being unable to fit all 10-gallon tanks. This is something you need to be aware of. Another customer said that it is unstable, making it tips over easily. However, other customers don’t seem to have the same trouble. It might just be due to other reasons unrelated to the stand. So, these cons don’t eliminate the fact that this metal aquarium stand still be one of the best kinds to choose and buy.Let’s start with the smallest one here. Since it is important to know the exact size of this stand for the aquarium to fit on, we would include its information in this article too. You see, the dimensions of this stand are 20.5 inches in length, 10.5 inches in width, and 29.5 inches in height. Knowing the dimensions will help you get an insight about whether this stand fits for your aquarium or not. This stand also weighs 16.5 pounds. It should be heavy enough not to let the position trip easily. Well, of course, this Petco metal stand is not simply something with certain size and weight.However, this Petco metal aquarium stand is not a total perfect product either. Some customers have been complaining about some things. Among the cons, you have to make all pieces of the stand to be level and even add Styrofoam to prevent any gaps in. Other said that this stand is strong, but still can tip over with 300lbs tank on top. There is also a customer who wished for the stand to have lips around the size since it ensures the safety of the tank. These are quite some cons, but it is important to learn about. You can consider and think of solution beforehand.