1. Are LED lights good for growing aquarium plants?

The guide below will (hopefully) help you choose the best LED lighting for your aquarium.
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Although LED aquarium lighting still has some minus points, all of the possible benefits can outweigh these points. As a consequence, you should not hesitate anymore to buy a LED aquarium lighting for your tank immediately.
New 2017 – LED Reef Aquarium Lighthighest performance level and maximum photochemical efficiency!
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is another planted tank specific LED lighting setup. The lights have moonlighting, sunrise, sunset and a host of other features. The light also incorporates a splash guard (and it’s mildly waterproof) although I have never had issues with water around aquarium lights. The legs can be slid inward to allow for attatchment to custom length aquariums (a very useful feature if your tank isn’t 12, 24, 36 or 48 inches in length!). Once again, the reviews cannot fault this light and there is high sentiment about it’s build quality and lasting durability. Finnex includes their power adapter mid length along the power cord which some users found annoying. However, the Finnex is very affordable and can be Hopefully this guide has given you a better idea what LED aquarium fixture you’d like to have.
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Hello, There are few high light aquarium LED lights. The reason is that if you use high power LED, you have to use radiators to cool them and ...Yes. LED lights are suitable for a reef aquarium. I will start with my qualitative, personal experience here. I switched about two years ago, and I can’t imagine using any other lights from this point on. There are some technical differences in the light output, that I will get into in a little bit, but if I’m being intellectually honest with you, I don’t notice any meaningful difference in performance. The lights go on in the morning, they shut off at night and they grow corals all day long.
But don’t just take my word for it, check out this article highlighting a scientific study comparing the growth rates of several coral species under LED lights.My aquarium has 120 liters, 100 liters useful. Using the rule, it is expected 100W light for the correct illumination. When searching the Internet, I found led strips, ...Incandescent lighting is still used in some aquariums, but more economical and visually pleasing options like fluorescent and LED are the norm. Fluorescent lighting is cooler, brighter and uses less electricity than incandescent. It is a common type of aquarium lighting, although LED is surpassing it in popularity. For peak performance, replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps annually. LED lights are the most economical and energy efficient and offer a wider range of lighting options.Fish rely on a regular day/night cycle for optimum health, however brightness is less important and too much light can cause algae growth. Live plants, on the other hand, need strong light (which is different than brightness level) and a broader spectrum for photosynthesis. Certain fluorescent lamps and LED bars can enhance the colors in fish and the overall appearance of your aquarium. My aquarium has 120 liters, 100 liters useful. Using the rule, it is expected 100W light for the correct illumination. When searching the Internet, I found led strips, single color (pure white) or RGB, allowing customize the color best suited for your environment. Are sold in rolls of 5m with 300 leds of the model 5050, and with power of 72W. Although 72W is less than 100W, I decided to assemble the solution and the result was excellent for my purposes