Aquarium LED Guide - 2015-2016 Best LED Tank Light Reviews

Deckey 33 LED Aquarium Light, 24 White Color Lights and 9 Blue Color Lights Review
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Zetlight also has other LED models, not reviewed in this article at this time. (Mini Aquarium Series, Nano Aquarium Series, Aqua Aquarium Series, Pro Aquarium Series, Project Aquarium Series, IOZEAN Aquarium Series, Lancia Aquarium Series, and Shieldo Aquarium Series).
I will start this review of these two popular LED Aquarium Lights in a different way from my other reviews.
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The popular “Ecoxotic Stunner” is simply for additional lighting, Reef or planted freshwater aquarium lighting. The LEDs are not of the output, wattage, or even the same generation technology as the LEDs used by other tech. led aquarium light reviewled
Photo provided by FlickrHere is a great video Marine Depot put together reviewing the Orbit IC LED aquarium light and our LOOP LED system!
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As mentioned previously, this is incredibly energy efficient and very easy on the LEDs, especially when the channels are switched at least once per day. With this amount of lifespan, your cost for owning this aquarium light drops considerably. It will be a long time before you will ever need to purchase any additional hardware to keep your aquarium sufficiently lit.2016 has some excellent, affordable and coral ready lights for the marine aquarium. In fact there are many MANY units available on offer. This review covers the most popular fixtures available – the best led lights for growing coral. Prices range from sub $100 to $500+. We will explore wattage, size and which is the best value for your dollar. This article runs through the best LED lights for growing coral in the hobby and gives the advantages and disadvantages of each LED unit. is another planted tank specific LED lighting setup. The lights have moonlighting, sunrise, sunset and a host of other features. The light also incorporates a splash guard (and it’s mildly waterproof) although I have never had issues with water around aquarium lights. The legs can be slid inward to allow for attatchment to custom length aquariums (a very useful feature if your tank isn’t 12, 24, 36 or 48 inches in length!). Once again, the reviews cannot fault this light and there is high sentiment about it’s build quality and lasting durability. Finnex includes their power adapter mid length along the power cord which some users found annoying. However, the Finnex is very affordable and can be Well now haven gotten all that out of my system lets get back to the Chihiros A-Series LED. After looking through the plethora of both known and lesser known aquarium LED systems I gave up and headed over to Ebay and on a whim typed "aquarium LED", sifted through some junk and finally something caught my eye. A LED light what claimed to have good power outputs, looked good and priced at 35$ (power adapter included!!!) and free shipping to Sweden where I live. I instantly thought, this has to be complete garbage but after reading through the description written in somewhat sketchy english I decided to take a leap of faith and ordered two home for some reason. It is now 14 days later and they arrived two days ago. So decided after some short usage that this unit deserves a review and so here we are.LEDs and lens: The light consists of 48 pieces of 3W LEDs (Royal Blue 450nm, Blue 470nm, Cool White 10000K, 12000K, Red 520nm, Green 660nm and UV 420nm) that are bright and highly penetrating. The 90-degree lens are designed to promote the light penetration through the width and depth of reef aquariums. The OceanReviveArctic-T247 LED light is developed by fellow reefers and is recommended by the popular reefing forums such as Reef2Reef, ReefCentral, Nano-Reef… The PAR output is strong enough to support the growth of most corals from soft to LPS/SPS.Moreover, each LED models from different manufacturers also has its specific luminous efficacy (lumens per watt). So, it is hardly to find out the exact number of how many watts of LED light per gallon of water without the luminous efficacy (lm/W) provided by the manufacturer. Luckily, the manufacturers will provide you which types and sizes of aquariums their products intent for, so it is very easy for you to choose the right one based on your aquarium length. Just read what is claimed by the manufacturers and the reviews of other customers to make your right decision.