Beautiful Koi fish and Gold fish from Aquarium at Jakarta - Indonesia

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In the coming months, fish keepers at the aquarium will enter the swamp exhibit and, being careful not to step on Claude the alligator’s remaining toes, gather up the koi that have swum happily around Claude for years without being eaten or otherwise inconvenienced.
400 Gallons fresh water aquarium. Yellow Koi, red parrot, zebra tetra, gold fish, shark.
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The Maine Supreme Judicial Court denied Georgette Curran’s appeal of a ruling in June in Kennebec County Superior Court. Curran wanted the high court to allow her to keep her koi – fish that are used in ornamental ponds and aquariums but are considered an invasive species in Maine – without restrictions. gold fish aquarium koi carp black more commet tiger succer kissing gourami golen gourami
Photo provided by FlickrSo~ if your looking to keep koi in an aquarium, reconsider...maybe goldfish is a better choice.
Photo provided by FlickrKoi Fish Pond Observation Tower - 22 Small Garden or Backyard Aquarium Ideas Will Blow Your Mind
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Hi; Nishikigoi in sm. aq.s 9/1/13
I just bought an Aqueon 15 column aquarium and have 5 small koi's in there and I don't know nothing about fish plz help.

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Bob Fenner>Those who keep koi fish know how delicate and important it is to maintain their living environment. As with every fish, an aquarist should understand all the basic necessities and requirements of koi fish.6). Jumping Out– This is a situation that generally affects novice koi keepers as more experienced keepers have usually experienced their fair share of suicidal fish. Whether they are chasing each other, chasing a meal, or are simply not happy with their current environment, koi are notorious jumpers. Ask anyone who has ever tried to keep a koi in an aquarium without a lid. Most often, the fish will jump and land safely back into the water, but some are not so lucky. Unless you have someone standing watch at all times, it’s almost impossible to prevent every death due to an overzealous acrobat in your pond. If you do find yourself with a jumper, you might think about installing a bird net.Obtain an aquarium that is large enough to contain the number of koi you have. Koi need a large volume tank to thrive. Your tank should have 1 cubic foot per 1 inch of koi fish length. Multiple the tank's height by width by length to determine the tank's cubic footage.Always make sure your water is properly filtrated, well oxygenated, and all waste is cleared from the environment. Be aware of your fish’s exact needs at each time as they can change due to number of fish, maturity, and temperature. Expert aquarists advise koi keepers to use high-volume filters to save time and effort. Ideally, your pond should have a bottom drain for easier cleaning and water changes.When you’re confident that your new koi are healthy after a three-week quarantine, you can finally introduce them to their aquatic castle, whether it’s an aquarium or pond. Koi can go directly from quarantine tub to pond if the pH values and temperatures are close (0.2 range for pH, and a 5 degree Fahrenheit difference for temperature). If you’re using an outside pond, keep in mind that the water must be 70 degrees F or higher. Adding a new fish to a too-cold pond shuts down the fish’s immune system exactly when he needs it the most. If the water isn’t warm enough, leave your koi in its quarantine tub until warmer weather arrives.