All Glass Aquarium AAG21224 Fluorescent Deluxe Hood, 24-Inch

Perfecto Recessed Aquarium Hood
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This low profile aquarium hood features a sleek design and is hinged for easy access during maintenance. LED bulbs are extremely long-lasting and require very little power to create brilliant light, consuming far less energy than equivalent fluorescent fixtures. The hood features a feeding hole, hinged lid for easy access, 2 sets of mounting clips to fit differently sized frames, and cut-outs to accommodate a variety of filter sizes.
I used small "L" brackets inside of the hood to keep it supported on top of the aquarium.
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Details to build this hood can be found here:

A Do It Yourself (DIY) aquarium hood for a 55 gallon aquarium using plastic rain gutters. The hood contains four full length flourescent bulbs to really light the aquarium up. Aquarium / Fish Tank Lid / Hood. Real Pine - Brand New - Made To Size / Custom | eBay
Photo provided by Flickr100 Gallon Aquarium Stand Plans - Hood Woodworking Projects
Photo provided by FlickrThe first stages of construction on a new wooden hood for your aquarium
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This is where it all begins. We've purchased a nice 10 gallon tank and are gathering all the equipment we need. Normally this means a filtration system, heater, and method of aeration. All of this has to sit underneath our 10 gallon aquarium hood. The problem is not all equipment fits into the cutouts provided. This can be solved with the use of power tools and workbenches, but honestly it is much better to get the right hood in the first place.

So how can you find the best 10 gallon aquarium hood? first you need to recognize your tanks needs. Here are the materials you need: -Aquarium hood light -CFL Bulb -Not needed desk lamp -wire connectors- rated 120 volts (I found these in the old circuitry of aquarium ... If you have no high demanding plants and are in the hobby for the long run get the LED hood. It has a much lower cost over time and only a slightly higher entry cost.

The Bulb hood can provide strong enough light for even corals if you choose the right bulb. Over 4 years The bulb hood will cost about 5-$15 more due to bulb cost. After that point the Hood itself may break down due to rusted ballast. Typically if you have been in the hobby for 4 years you will want to get a larger tank anyways so I don't feel that is an issue.

If however you only want a display tank and never need to upgrade from a 10 gallon lighted hood then the LED hood is your best bet. It's up to you to compare the pros and cons to find the right aquarium hood with light combination. All lighting can be used along with an automatic timer, which fish will appreciate. Overall, strip lights and light fixtures are meant for use with glass tops in order to provide full coverage over the top of the aquarium. Coverage greatly reduces water evaporating from the aquarium. A full hood light fixture will also provide the necessary full coverage.CFLs(Compact Flourescent Lightbulbs) are getting cheaper and better in every way. But meanwhile flourescent lightbulbs for aquariums at my local fish store costed around 12 bucks and seem to be getting more expensive. It diddn't help that my aquarium hood light's circuitry was all rusted and broken and bulbs would burn out on a weekly basis because of it. Finally I was fed up with it all and decided to do something about it.

At first I found the instructables on how to make an led light. I thought I would do that but when I went to Fry's Electronics I found out that it would be like 40 dollars to by all the led's I needed. I couldv'e bought them online but being my impacient self, I diddnt. Plus I diddn't like all the tedious soldering that went into everything.

Finally I came up with this: The Compact Flourescent Aquarium Hood Light
some benefiets are:
-No soldering!( YAY)
-Easy to aquire materials
-Brighter aquarium
-Cheaper to replace bulb
-Every time you replace the bulb it also replaces all the circuitry so it'll last a long time
This is one of the most popular aquarium hoods which perfectly match both a standard All-Glass aquarium and some of the standard models from other manufacturers. The way it fits your fish tank helps to reduce evaporation. Made of high-quality plastic and glass, comes in dimensions 22 7/8" x 11 1/8" 2