FISH VIDEO FOR CATS - Aquarium Fish #3

FISH VIDEO FOR CATS - Aquarium Fish #5
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Bird and squirrel feeders can be set up for the cat to watch, provided it does not increase arousal or frustration. Cardboard boxes and paper bags can be placed around the home to encourage exploratory behavior. Catnip caches can be hidden around the home for the cat to seek out and enjoy. Some cats will be entertained by videos of wildlife or fish in an aquarium. For cats that enjoy chewing on fresh greens, gardens of sprouted wheatgrass or catnip can be provided. Objects for the cat to scratch should be provided, including rope, carpet, and sisal-covered posts, fireplace logs, and commercial cardboard scratching pads. Some cats may like vertical areas to scratch, while others may prefer horizontal objects. While it is safer to keep the pet indoors, some cats can be confined to the yard using special types of cat fencing.
I read that many of the aquarium plants are toxic for cats and I would like to know which ones are safe.
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I mean more like about 2/3 metres off the ground on a stand of some sort (which is what I have for my 300 litre aquarium); my 40 L aquarium is one the top of my dresser, so my cats cannot get to it. FISH VIDEO FOR CATS - Aquarium Fish #2
Photo provided by FlickrBefore I get an antihistamine prescribed, I want to make sure my aquariums are cat-safe
Photo provided by FlickrAquarium Fish #2. Entertainment Video for Cats to Watch. - YouTube
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We're not really big fish people - the aquarium came with the house, as it was custom built to sit on its ledge. The cats have fleeting moments when they are interested in it - mostly Ariel - but usually it is ignored. We had to come up with a contraption involving a tupperware lid, a rubber band and a popsicle stick to keep the trapdoor at the top closed because Ariel used to open it, dip her paw in, and lick the water off her paw, and freaked the fish out. But I think it is too heavy and big for them to tip over, but then neither of them show a huge amount of interest in it so I can't say for certain.I cannot say enough about how extraordinary Lara has been throughout this process. Her design for the structure in the room was clever and creative. It provides great vertical space for the cats, while also offering plenty of places to play and hide. She even included fish and mermaid details in her design to go along with our “cat aquarium” theme. Lara dedicated countless hours to this project and it was clear that she was passionate about providing something truly amazing for these cats. We cannot thank Lara enough for all of the time and hard work she has donated – this would not have been possible without her!Turn your screen into a fishtank in HD. Perfect for tablets, monitors, theater screens. Recorded in 1080HD. Just pull up this video and let it play! I have two of these videos this is the short one, the other is an HOUR long, both recorded in 1080HD! Play your favorite music while watching for a personalized favorite, just don't let your cat's see this if you are using your tablet... It will drive them crazy! haha!

This is a test video for my new ZoomCam #2. Using my new Sony HD camcorder that records in 1080HD with 60 frames per second. I wanted a youtube comparison between the quality of this, and my old Sony HD camera that is only 30fps available in my other fishtank video.

This tank is a corner 90+ gallon with drilled overflow, and undertank Wet/Dry filter system, UV Sterilizer, heater, full fill overflow (so there is water in the overflow which cuts down on noise) and power compact compact florescent dual bulbs. Enjoy!

Salt Water Fish Tank Aquarium Reef Marine Free Screen Saver for Phone PC or Mac Fishtank screensaver download phone or pc mac compatible reef just play on your device on youtube for FREE!KONG Active toys promote healthy exercise and fulfill cats’ instinctual desire to chase, hunt and capture. The KONG Aquarium engages your cat in interactive play as you move the feather teaser through the openings in the toy. Help your cat exercise and find a release for their natural hunting instincts. Some assembly required.