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This aquarium kit is marketed for Glofish, but it’s also a great tank for Bettas.
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@anonymous: Hi Nikki! If there is one brand of aquarium that's truly "zen" like, it's Fluval Edge. It has a unique setup that allows you to hide the filter and "wires". If you scroll down, you'll find the Fluval Edge Aquarium Set, Matte Black, 6-Gallon at the bottom of the page. I believe it's the perfect tank for any betta fish. Good luck!
For a 15 litre betta aquarium with just a betta fish and a filter, you’ll only need to give it a full clean out every 6 to 8 months.
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NoClean Aquariums will soon be offering the GravityFlow 2, which is a 2-gallon fishbowl shaped version of their original GravityFlow. This size will certainly be much better for your fish than the ½ gallon version, but it’s still a smaller tank than we recommend for a happy and healthy Betta fish. This is a really cool aquarium for all of your Betta fish and it’s thanks to the fantastic design and innovative look of it.
Photo provided by FlickrI am an accountant from Canada with a passion for fish aquariums. I have many years of experience with betta fish in particular.
Photo provided by FlickrThis interesting tank incorporates the stylized forms of zen rock gardens to create a unique Betta fish aquarium idea.
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Tips on Keeping the Siamese Fighting Fish
The Siamese fighting fish or “Betta” is one of the most popular of all aquarium fish. There are several reasons for this popularity. First, is their beautiful colors often referred to as “splendid”, thus one of the more popular species Betta splendens. They are in the family of fish called Anabantoids. As such they have a special labyrinth organ that other fish do not. This enables them to get oxygen from the water surface as opposed to using their gills to extract oxygen from the water. Because of this special feature they are able to be kept in a small container or bowl, whereas other tropical fish need a larger aquarium with added filtration. The sales of Bettas have surged in recent years as they’ve become displays in beautiful, ornate vases, bowls and glasses and easily kept on a table top, desk or counter. Remember that every aspect of the home you build for your Betta Fish has a purpose. To keep your Betta and any other fish you add to your aquarium in a healthy state, you must consider the small details. Gravel is more than just bottom filler. It adds to the overall well being of your fish as well as the .

What type of gravel or plants do you have in your bettta aquarium? The best products for your gravel would be the natural type and color for your tank. Although, as previously stated, some fish owners choose bright pinks or reds, those colors compete with the and other fish in the aquarium. Also, due to the natural environment Bettas love, neutral gravel will feel more normal for your fish and actually reduce stress on them in general.If you love the idea of having an aquarium, but don’t want to commit to maintaining a large tank, a Betta fish tank may be the best option. Betta fish are small, vibrant, and easy to care for, and Betta tanks don’t take up much space, making them the perfect decoration for your desktop or nightstand.For best results you should start by filling your Betta container with “aged” or “conditioned” water found in existing aquariums. Typically Bettas come from slow moving waters, even the edges of rice paddies in S.E. Asia. Tap water is suitable for them, but it should be treated to rid it of chlorine or chloramines prior to pouring it into the container, which is harmful to the fish. There are many varieties of Bettas available (Split Tails, Half Moon, Round Tail and Crown Tail to name a few) and almost every color under the rainbow. An Aquarium Adventure fish specialist can help you select a good specimen.Tetra makes incredibly attractive aquariums, and while 1.5 gallons (5 liters) is on the small side for a betta fish, it can still comfortably house one of these fish as long as it’s properly maintained.