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For planted freshwater aquariums, it is also important to maintain a balance between the duration and quality of light, the amount of plants, CO2 and nutrients. For a given amount of light, if there is insufficient number of plants or insufficient CO2 to support the growth of those plants, so as to consume all the nutrients in the tank, the result would be algae growth. While there are fishes and invertebrates that could be introduced in the tank to clean up this algae, the ideal solution would be to find the optimal balance between the above-mentioned factors. Supplemental CO2 can be provided, whose quantity has to be carefully regulated, as too much CO2 may harm the fishes,
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Otocinclus Catfish: An is a popular freshwater aquarium fish known for its ability to help keep under control. While it can feed on a diet of soft algae, an Otocinclus Catfish should not be considered a solution to algae issues. Algae issues in tanks are caused by underlying imbalances that should be addressed independent of fish being kept. Instead, Otocinclus Catfish should be a considered a fish that feeds on algae, not an “algae solution”. Otocinclus Catfish are small, delicate, and defenseless creatures that need to be kept in tanks where they will be safe. They seem to like tanks with lots of live plants. Otocinclus Catfish are one of the most sensitive freshwater aquarium fish around. They are particularly susceptible to sudden water temperature changes and slight shifts in water parameters. Otocinclus Catfish should be added only to stable, established tanks. Freshwater Aquarium Fish Species
Photo provided by FlickrDiscussed below are some freshwater fish aquariums for the starters using the heated tanks.
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Freshwater aquarium fish care information and pictures ordered by freshwater fish species. Click on the picture of the freshwater fish species in the list below for detailed profiles along with comments and tips from fellow freshwater hobbyists.Welcome to the freshwater aquarium fish guide where you can learn how to set up, keep, and maintain freshwater aquarium fish. Go at your own pace and if you have questions don't hesitate to visit the forum to ask a question. There are always lots of friendly members online to help out with your questions.It's always a good idea to research a fish before you buy it. You never know if you are going to get accurate information from the person selling the fish to you and using the internet or reading a good freshwater aquarium fish book beforehand is always a good idea. Know what you want to keep and have a plan for stocking your aquarium. Never impulse buy a fish at the pet shop.
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An introductory article into the many types of aquarium lighting available for fish only, planted and reef tanks. What kind of lighting do you need in your freshwater fish tank?