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Maybe you think you know a lot about . After all, you know that they shouldn’t be overfed; you know that their aquarium requires regular water changes, and you know that the water must be the appropriate temperature. But there may be a few things that you didn’t know about freshwater aquarium fish. Here are four facts that you just might find surprising:
May 23, 2016 - Here are four freshwater aquarium fish facts that you just might find surprising.
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[ NOTE: This is information based aquarium fish video. I don't support any Trade/Sell of animal. Please don't request for price or phone number.]Though they may not sound exciting, catfish are incredible survivors as a breed of fish. They’re able to live and even thrive in temperatures from just above freezing to nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit and can be found living inland and in the coastal waters of every continent minus Antarctica. Learn more interesting facts about catfish, including how to incorporate them into your aquarium, below.