Pearl Gouramis are the most gentle of community aquarium fishes

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Aggressive fishes can cause real problems in the confines of the aquarium. Aggression causes stress that can make your fishes more susceptible to disease, even if it doesn’t kill a fish outright. An accosted fish may behave abnormally, hanging around in the upper corners of the tank or hiding incessantly. It may eat less and end up starving. It may also exhibit subdued coloration. It is up to us as fishkeepers to populate our tropical fish communities carefully in order to avoid aggression issues. However, there are times when the best-laid plans can be fouled up by a fish that turns into a bad actor.
Keep reading for a list of peaceful community fish for all aquarium sizes and every water layer!
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You will be struck by their vivacity, when you choose the right fellow mates. A simple study before setting up your aquarium and a wild observation after setting up is all the needed care for a community tank. Take home yellow, blue, green, striped, dotted, moody, active ranges of fishes and enjoy being an aquatic hobbyist. First, these fish are generally peaceful and never harass or nip a Betta’s fins in a community aquarium.
Photo provided by FlickrLearn which tankmates to choose for your Betta fish in a small aquarium or community tank environment for the best chance of success.
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nsurprisingly, schools of fishes are more glitzy and lively than a standalone colony. Every aquarium lover would love to have a tremendous aquarium with a wide collection of fishes. However, you might panic to set up a communal tank as it is like having a bunch of toddlers in the same room. When one goes cranky, the entire room is a big mess. Despite, they are very attractive and cherish the place with charm and fun. Likewise, every fish has its own characteristics and life style, accommodating them in the same tank is a tough job. Some may be territorial and other may be bully. Apparently, they will start adjusting and will learn their limits once put into a collective tank. Initially you may see some of your little folks attacking other breed of fishes, but this will gradually ease. The intelligent part is in choosing the right fishes for your collective tank. Do not buy all your favorite and attractive ones. Some fishes like goldfish, bettas, and sharks are not advisable for a community tank. A little brainstorm before setting up your communal tank will help you gain the immense pleasure of having it.A lot of fish can be compatible tank mates with Guppies such as Corydoras Catfish, , , Tetra and others. There is nothing wrong with keeping a Guppy’s species only aquarium tank. However some owners might want to keep a variety of fishes to create a community aquarium tank with Guppies to create an interesting environment instead. If you only have Guppies in your aquarium tank, it might look a bit bare since Guppies’ swimming level is at the top and middle portion of the tank. So you might find that the bottom of the aquarium tank might look a bit empty. Few fishes tend to baton on the tank glasses, and pebbles. Although, their key motive is to slurp all dirt, algae, left over food from the aquarium, they sometimes accidentally step on other fish’s skin too. Once, I added 2 black mollies in a goldfish aquarium. After few hours, I saw the mollies attacking the gold fishes. This act obviously hurts and harms the fishes causing them slow death. Much caution is required while choosing community tank fishes. If you are not confident with some fishes, better keep them separated from your community tank.You don’t necessarily have to have fish living with Guppies. Adding invertebrates and other small aquatic amphibian can make a more interesting community tank aquarium and makes great compatible tank mates with Guppies. Ghost Shrimp and Red Cherry Shrimp adds the benefits of being excellent tank cleaners!