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Aquarium Cleaning Machine; Review - Fish as Pets
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The Aquarium cleaning machine (re-circulating micron vacuum) cleans both fresh and saltwater aquariums A powered siphon that is also a micron aquarium filter
Aquarium Cleaning Machine
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A relatively new device that performs both water removal and recirculation thru a micron filter cartridge that is easily cleaned is the "Aquarium Cleaning Machine".
This device uses a protected magnet-drive motor to remove or re-circulate your water thru a filter (or both).
For freshwater aquariums this device is can be helpful, especially for those with larger or multiple aquariums. I saves time but more importantly it allows for a much better cleaning while at the same time leaving nitrifying bacteria behind (which often gets stripped in large conventional cleanings in tanks with high bio loads).

Aquarium Cleaning Machine Myths & Review: UPDATED 4/04/12
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UPDATED 4/04/12

The Aquarium Cleaning Machine is no longer available as of early 2012, and based on disrespectful & unprofessional behavior by the owner (as well as Dr. Foster & Smith role in the demise in this product), I can no longer recommend this product if it ever gets back into production.

So most of this review has been removed.

Unfortunately for consumers this was an excellent product, however poor management by the owner including his decision to go around the original aquarium professionals who got this product off the ground by then selling only to Dr. Foster & Smith who allegedly never provided proper instructions and then shipped multiple units back to the distributor and manufacturer.
Then end result was the manufacturer being overwhelmed with returns and professional sellers dumping the product. This eventually took the manufacturer of the "Aquarium Cleaning Machine" out of business.

Sadly similar alleged behavior by Dr. Foster & Smith also resulted in Quality Pets & Aquatronics demise (this company is definitely not a favorite of many in the industry).
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Consider the as an alternative for aquariums up to 75 gallon.

This battery powered sludge removing vacuum is excellent for removing organic mulm resulting in lower nitrates or a more stable in an aquarium with a high bio load.

I recommend using this product in between water changes to remove organic debris from under rocks, decorations, or simply stagnant areas of the aquarium.

This is also an excellent tool when fish are over fed or in quarantine tanks where marginal filtration is often present so as to remove and uneaten food or particulates that may lead to ammonia spikes.

Another aspect of this Eheim Sludge remover is its simplicity of operation and cost (as compared to the discontinued APV-100 Aquarium Cleaning Machine)

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Labels: , , , , , , , , , , Like a Python or similar DIY, the Cleaning Machine is great for large tanks or several smaller tanks, however with single small tanks set up and tear down makes the Cleaning Machine more of a time hog than time saver (but if time is not your reason for this device, this machine is still a good idea for providing more thorough aquarium cleanings with little disruption of fish and sudden water parameter changes that further stresses fish).

For cleaning your aquarium (freshwater or saltwater) a attached to a siphon or recirculating filter works best. If you have a planted aquarium, I recommend #00 sand (3-5 cm) mixed with laterite or conditioned soil with #3 gravel (2-3 cm) on top. You should NOT vacuum the sand, as this will tend to be sucked all the way thru the vacuum, and this will also disturb the natural aerobic and anaerobic filtration going on in the substrate being performed by the bacteria and plant roots.
A relatively new device that performs both water removal and recirculation thru a micron filter cartridge that is easily cleaned is the . This new device uses a protected mag drive motor to remove or recirculate your water thru a filter (or both). For saltwater changes, this device is a money saver and fish saver. You can change 20% of your water, then keep re-filtering it thru the micron cartridge using the gravel vacuum do pick up debris. This saves having to use more salt for larger water changes and keeps a healthier aquarium with lower nitrates, as much of the debris is removed from your system before it can go thru the nitrogen cycle (adding to the ).

A similar device is the
. This is a more simple and easy to use device than the cleaning machine, not to mention less expensive.
However it also is not as effective, especially for larger aquariums (over 75 gallons). The Sludge Remover also is only for vacuuming out larger sludge, not true micron filtration and water changes.

For more and methods for aquarium cleaning, please see this more complete article article:

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