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Freshwater Planted Aquarium Care and Maintenance Carbon is the backbone of all life
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How often should my aquarium be serviced?

What are the benefits of having my aquarium or pond professionally maintained?

I'm thinking about buying an aquarium, can you help me make the best selection?

Is having an aquarium a lot of work?

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How often should my pond / water garden / koi pond be cleaned?

My pond / water garden / koi pond always looks green and slimy. What should I do?

How much does aquarium service and maintenance cost?

Fish tank care. Guide to fish care with a simple look at aquarium filtration, how to clean a fish tank, and a fish tank maintenance Schedule.
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Setting up an aquarium can take a lot of planning, positioning the tank, getting the tank cycled ready for the fish and finally adding your fish selection. When the tank is first set up it will have that clean, new look that really catches the eye as people walk past and spot it but how do you keep your aquarium looking that way and how can you guarantee that you are supplying your fish and plants if added, the best water quality that they need for growth and long term health. Just like the planning stage, the maintenance stage requires careful thought, some tasks need doing on a daily basis while others probably only need doing once a month. By Greg Morin Freshwater Planted Aquarium Care and Maintenance Carbon is the backbone of all life
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These questions are often asked by beginners as they are worried that all their investment and initial hard work will finally come to nothing. Although keeping and maintaining a saltwater reef aquarium is not as easy as maintaining a freshwater aquarium, it is still not that difficult or time-consuming. In order to establish a maintenance routine that is sustainable, it is necessary for the beginner hobbyist to know more about the various requirement and works needed before setting up their first saltwater reef aquarium.

Maintenance or taking care of the tank involves daily feeding and observation. Beside this daily routine, you will also need to do weekly, fortnightly or monthly maintenance . This include testing on the important water parameters (such as pH, nitrite, nitrate, etc), topping or replacing saltwater water, vacuuming to remove excess debris from the gravel, cleaning the aquarium wall, cleaning or rinsing of the filter, etc on a periodic basis. The time taken to do the routine maintenance will take about an average of thirty to 60 minutes, depending on your aquarium size.

Proper aquarium care and maintenance will ensure that your saltwater reef aquarium environment is good and healthy. This will gives you a stable tank environments which will helps to prevent or minimize expensive and time-consuming problems and improve the inhabitant's health and well being to give them a long, healthy and happy life in your tank. The main objective in tank maintenance is to ensure that your tank environments remain as constant as possible. Creating a stable environment in the saltwater reef aquarium is one of the main factors to a successful marine fish keeping.


My Routine (every 2-3 days)
This routine took just under an hour, I used 85 degree tap water to refill my tank. All sides of my tank including the bottom are covered with the background that you see. You can't see the other 3 sides in the video. But they only have one open side to view out of. 1. I first syphon out big chunks. 2. Before water reaches heater level I turn off all equipment but the lights. 3. I use the net to get chunks on the surface and edges of the water that the syphon cannot. 4. I use scrub sponge to clean all surface of the glass including the bottom pane, clean the heater, and breeding cone(not shown in video) 5. (not shown in video) Squeeze and rinse the sponge from sponge filter. 6. When water level reaches the top of their fins I slowly add in 85 degree temp water from tap, while continuing to syphon detritus from the water and cleaning it. 7. Once water level reaches full capacity I skim the surface many many times 8. I add Prime 9. I gently clean any debris off the fins of Blue and Kai 10. clean outside of glass and put away and clean supplies

Welcome to our channel! Watch us grow and build our Discus fish room, starting with Blue and Kai. I got Blue and Kai at the King of DIY Discus Meet up at Uncle Sam's Discus. Stay Tuned! There will be new additions to the family in the coming weeks from Kenny's Discus :)

I am not new to tropical fish or the cichlid family and have completed many years of discus research before embarking on this journey. However Blue and Kai are my first discus, so I am nowhere near an expert. I am doing what I think is best for my discus to keep them happy and healthy :)

So if you truly believe I am unaware of something that could be harmful to my beautiful fish please do not hesitate to tell me, I do not offend easy and I am here to learn from all of you!

Please offer POSITIVE feedback, like, comment, share and SUBSCRIBE! Thanks everyone!!! :)

Please enjoy our other videos :)
Unboxing of Blue Sapphire Discus from Uncle Sam's Discus! Blue and Kai!

Introducing Blue and Kai! Blue Sapphire Discus Fish From Uncle Sam's Discus Farm

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