R&J Enterprises 48X13 Black Xtreme Aquarium Canopy 55

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For 55 gallon glass aquariums. 48"; L X 13"; W X 7"; H. Aquarium Canopy. Oak Wood Construction. Decorative Double Groove Molding. High Gloss Protective Finish.
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The purpose of this post/article is to give generalized ideas for installing the two most popular types of LED Light Fixtures; the “Tile” or the “Strip”.
AquaRay products are used here as examples, but many of these installation methods are not proprietary to AquaRay and can be used for Ecoxotic, Aqua Illuminations, etc. As well the AquaRay can also be utilized with the OPTIONAL AquaRay Modular LED Mounting Systems.
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Midwest Custom Aquarium has been building custom cabinetry from the start and will supply a quality set that is guaranteed to work perfectly with your new tank. From a basic set to the finest furniture, we can put together a set that will work seamlessly with your new aquarium and match your existing style or décor. You will not have to worry about coordinating details with a separate contractor such as clearance size, no bracing under overflow, holes to line up with bulkheads coming through the bottom of the tank, overhangs, etc. Getting your cabinetry from the same manufacturer reduces the chance of things not working with your tank.Canopy/hood for aquarium built for customer. All aquarium based items can be built including hoods/canopys and stands/cabinets. made to your specifications. Also build cat/dog kennels, bird table and houses, garden furniture and indoor furniture.While come companies offer just a couple standard styles, we are proficient with enough mediums and styles to be able to offer almost anything. Nothing is kept on the shelf; all are built custom, one at a time. Matching odd shapes and curvatures can be difficult or impossible for some cabinetry shops; having them built by the same place as the tank insures a perfect fit. All are built strong enough so you have peace of mind that it will not buckle under the stress of a heavy aquarium.The aquarium canopy is different from the aquarium hood even though they serve the same purpose. They both cover the aquarium to prevent fish from jumping out and they both house the lighting fixtures over the tank. The difference is the canopy will give the aquarium a nicer, more finished look as if it is something that is meant to decorate the room.A canopy needs to be able to allow the aquarist to easily and conveniently access the inside of the tank for the sake of routine maintenance. What good is a tank topper that will not allow you to get into it? Most aquarium canopies come with one or more access points to get in and out, but for those really big jobs, the canopy is removable.Canopies usually come as a set with the aquarium stands and often times the aquarium. This makes plenty of sense because the top needs to match the bottom and both definitely need to fit the aquarium. But what happens when you already bought an aquarium and stand, how then do you attain the canopy that matches both? You can make one. Making an aquarium canopy can be fairly easy and cost efficient and you can control what it looks like and what colors to paint it. Or you can have one custom made to whatever specifications you want which can get fairly expensive.