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10 gallon 4 story aquarium cage topper for gerbils rats degu hamsters #Creativecages
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If you're having trouble deciding between different housing options or want to provide your hammie with more room, consider getting an aquarium and adding a tank topper. A wire cage attaches to the top of the aquarium, creating a two-story duplex. The upper level provides climbing opportunities and good ventilation, while the base (aquarium) holds ample bedding for digging, burrowing and nesting. Although some owners don’t like removing the wire cage attachment to coax out a hidden hamster or clean the aquarium, many others find that tank toppers provide the best of both worlds.
20L 1 Story Aquarium Cage Tank Topper gerbil rat hamster degu on Etsy, $35.00
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The wire cage measures 11" x 20 1/2" x 14" tall. 2" is used for overlapping the outside of the aquarium. It sets directly on top of the aquarium. This makes each floor 6" tall. I have even put bedding material upstairs on the top floor and its fun to watch them carry it all the way downstairs to make their bed!! The cage in this listing is for a 20L aquarium and it fits directly on top of the aquarium.
Photo provided by FlickrThe cage in this listing is for a 10 gallon aquarium and it fits directly on top of the aquarium.
Photo provided by FlickrThe cage in this auction is for a 20L aquarium and it fits directly on top of the aquarium.
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We are excited to now offer our aquarium toppers as in-stock cages! Martin's Cages has been helping customers with aquarium toppers for over 6 years. Previously, were only offered through our custom cage department, but due to your requests, they are now readily available like our other cage models!I've recently acquired a 20 gallon tank that would be a good option for my ratties... as long as I can find an aquarium topper! These are the cages that go on top of the aquarium so they get multiple levels and better air circulation. Does anyone, in Canada, know where I can find one? I called all the big and small pet stores around me and no one seems to carry them. One store did but only in the 10 gallon size.Two-story 20 gallon (long) aquarium tank Topper (RT-635) from Martin's Cages. Perfect cage/housing idea for mice, gerbils, hamsters, degus, or any small rodent in my opinion!I totally agree that regular cages are better than aquariums, but all I was saying was that that cage would have offered two babies more than enough room. There were other concerns though that I mentioned and I too wouldn't want to use an aquarium for a number of reasons. However it wouldn't have been the end of the world if they were in one with a nice, large topper for a couple months and well-cared for, that's all I was getting at.But an aquarium can be the wrong choice if you can’t handle heavy lifting because aquariums are heavier that the other types of cages. So moving or lifting one up can be difficult for some. And when you add water to wash their insides, they get even heavier. You also have to be careful about putting a screen on top of the aquarium and making sure it stays in place or your hamster can climb up a toy or hamster tube and escape through the top.Does anyone have any experience with the Martin's Two-Story 20-gallon long aquarium topper? The item number is RT-635. I plan on using this cage to house two female rats. Of course, I will cover the wire floors with something else to prevent foot damage.