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biOrb Black Mega Aquarium Kit with Light Internet Price: $239.99 Internet Sale: $187.50
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New to fish keeping? This is the aquarium kit for you! Comes with everything you need to set up a healthy, soothing environment for small sized fish.
All BiOrb accessories can be purchased here:
Comment régler l'éclairage LED Moonlight de l'aquarium biOrb HALO.
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Great Built In Filter – One of the best features of the BiOrb fish tank is its inbuilt, five-stage filtration system. This unique system helps to keep the aquarium healthy by making the fish tank clean and clear. BiOrb Aquarium with plants and decorations
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With its hidden waterline, the biOrb HALO 60­ is a visually seamless aquarium. The biOrb HALO 60 is the perfect aquarium for anyone new to fish keeping. You can enjoy all the technology of an advancedBiOrb Aquariums are a unique collection of stylish and easy to use acrylic aquariums that are perfect for housing small fish or shrimp without the hassle of traditional aquarium maintenance. A special filtration system works to maintain the cleanliness of the tank while minimizing the amount of maintenance you have to do yourself. Always wanted an aquarium but thought it would be a hassle to maintain? The BiOrb 30 is the answer! It has a complete filtering system for a healthy fish-worthy environment.
All BiOrb accessories can be purchased here: The aquarium itself is acrylic, which biOrb says is ten times stronger than glass. An advanced aquarium set up is supplied in one box: 4 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium, biOrb 12V Transformer, biOrb Air Pump, Airstone, Ceramic Media (1 pound), Filter cartridge, Water Conditioner 5 ml, Beneficial Bacteria liquid 5 ml, and MCR LED light unit with remote control. Under $100.The standard option, is a stylish 8-gallon aquarium with a five-stage filtration system for keeping your fish healthy and happy. Like all biOrb aquariums, it operates at a low 12V and has a long lasting LED light. The acrylic material is stronger and clearer than regular glass. Instead of using a box filter or gravel, biOrbs use ceramic to provide biological filtration and store waste at the base. You just need to replace the filter cartridge and a third of the water once a month.The biorb aquarium line began by combining the looks of a traditional fishbowl with the performance of a hi-tech aquarium, since the classic biorb was first created in 1999 and reached the U.S. a few years later. Since that time Reef-One has created eight new aquariums that all integrate perfectly with the same filter system and accessories. The different biorb lines are Classic , , & .