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A battery-powered aquarium air pump is handy to have when you need to transport your aquarium or unhook the pump from power for any reason. Much more importantly, a pump that runs on batteries ensures that your aquarium gets oxygen even during power outages. Better pumps offer "uninterrupted power" and include rechargeable batteries that remain plugged in and can automatically switch to battery mode in the event of a power outage. Less expensive models may be just what you need for
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Aquarium air equipment is an essential part of any healthy aquarium setup. Air circulation helps stabilize PH as well as provide necessary oxygen for respiration. Aquarium air pumps will also help give your aquarium tank a more dynamic look when used with air stones and flexible air diffusers. We carry a great selection of aquarium air pumps, heavy duty linear air pumps, regenerative blowers, battery back-up air pumps, air valves and fittings and aquarium air diffusers. Hot Portable Aquarium Battery Backup Operated Fish Tank Air Pump Aerator Oxygen New
Photo provided by FlickrPortable Aquarium Air Pump Material: Hard Plastic Power: Two 1.5V Size D batteries (not included) Dimension: ~13(L) x 7.4(W) x 4.5
Photo provided by FlickrThe AZOO Aquarium Battery Air Pump is the perfect backup when you need a portable pump. Whether it's because the power failed or y
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This Marina Battery Powered Air Pump runs on two D cell batteries (not included). This aquarium air pump comes with airstone and 18 inch tubing.Looking for a reliable battery operated air pump to use for your aquarium in case of power failure? Then join Dr. Brown from PetSolutions as he explains how to use this back up air pump.

The Marina Battery Operated Air Pump is a reliable back-up source to provide air in case of an electric failure or where power is not available. It is also perfect to use while transferring fish.

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like, comment, share, subscribeThe battery powered air pump runs on two D size batteries. This pump is great as a backup pump if one experiences frequent power outages or if the consumer needs to transport a whole tank. It supports indoor aquariums of up to 30 gallons and includes an air stone and 19 inches of air tubing. The pump measures 2 inches long by 3 inches wide by 5 inches high.Known to provide auxiliary air when the main air source fails, the Marina Battery-Operated Air Pump could miss out on these top 10 best air pumps for aquarium reviews. This reliable back-up air source is the best solutions to homes that experience electrical power failures. It helps ensure that your fish are safe and comfortable in their homes at all times. Equipped with air stone and 18-inch tubing, the Marina Battery Air Pump is a perfect portable aerator for fish in transit.If the power goes out, the Azoo Battery Backup Air Pump will continue to supply oxygen to your aquarium. It runs continuously on 110V (standard household voltage), switching automatically to battery during power loss, then recharges when power is restored. Features two modes: High runs for 10 hours continuously on a fully charged battery. Low runs for 20 hours intermittently, 50 seconds on and 50 seconds off. The 6V rechargeable battery is included. Two 3/16" outlets provide a total of 0.15