AquaClear Filter vs. Cartridge Filter:

If you’ve been keeping fish for any length of time, chances are you’ve heard of AquaClear filters.
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Directions for Use Remove protective plastic bag and rinse ammonia remover insert thoroughly before use. Place ammonia remover insert in the middle section of the insert basket. Regular Maintenance Ammonia Remover inserts should be rinsed using the water from the aquarium and should be replaced monthly. Heavily loaded aquariums may require more frequent changes. Due to the adsorption qualities of Ammonia Remover, rinsing the insert will only remove loose particles and debris, not impurities that have been adsorbed. It is important that the insert be replaced regularly. Never replace all filter inserts simultaneously. It is recommended to stagger insert replacement to ensure a constant population of beneficial bacteria. Note Regular filter insert replacement with AquaClear filter inserts is essential for optimum filter performance. Made in China.
The AquaClear brand is owned by Hagen, which also owns popular filter brand Fluval.
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For HOBs I like Aquaclear. I also run sponges in all my tanks. You need an airstone anyway and the sponge just kills two birds with one stone. Makes it easy to start another tank if you have a mature sponge filter. AquaClear filters are very well-known and highly-recommended in the fishkeeping community.
Photo provided by FlickrThe AquaClear 70 is part of Hagen’s AquaClear line of filters that includes:
Photo provided by FlickrAquaClear is the only hanging filter I ever buy for my tanks. They're simply the best.
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This is an AquaClear Activated Carbon Filter Replacement Pack (A622) for the AquaClear 110 Aquarium Filter System (A620). AquaClear activated carbon filter packs are used as the Stage 2 chemical filter media in the AquaClear 110 Power Filter SystemThe Aquaclear series of filters easily ranks among the best aquarium filters on the market, and are a solid choice for nearly any aquarium. They are well known for both their excellent filtration and nearly legendary durability. It’s not that unusual to see these filters still operating reliably after a decade or more, and most will give years of trouble free operation.This is an AquaClear 70 Filter Foam Insert Pad (A618) for the AquaClear 70 Aquarium Filter System (A615). This AquaClear foam filter pad is used as the Stage 1 mechanical filter media in the AquaClear 70 Power Filter System. It also works to enhanceNow for the downside of Aquaclear filters, which is thankfully quite limited. The only problem that occasionally appears in Aquaclear filters is that the smaller models can suffer from flow problems. It can usually be remedied with a thorough cleaning, and is normally only found in the smallest model, but it can be frustrating experience for a new aquarist.One of the major selling points of an Aquaclear filter, is their whisper quiet operation. As long as they are reasonably well maintained and the water is regularly topped up in the aquarium, you would be hard pressed to hear the filter operating. Even when it is kept in smaller rooms like bedrooms and offices, sound is rarely an issue – something that anyone who has a home office with a fish tank will appreciate.Ever wanted an Aquaclear filter, but wanted to see what's in the box and what is different from standard replaceable cartridge filters?

This video is for you. I unbox and setup this filter showing you what comes in the box and how to put it together.

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