Aquachef Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder

AquaChef Automatic Fish Feeder
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The feed door is adjustable and allows you to decide how much food is dispensed during meal time. The adjustable hatch also acts as a mixing stir bar which keeps the food from clumping up. The moisture-resistant hopper is easy to remove for both filling and cleaning. This feeder can be used to pretty much any style of aquarium and used an adjustable clamp. The digital display shows current time and the AquaChef Automatic Fish Feeder can be programmed to feed up to four times per day. The device also has a double feeding function and of course you can always manually override allowing for a “single feed” with a push of a button. The AquaChef Automatic Fish Feeder can be purchased on .
Current USA 3860 Aquachef Automatic Fish Feeder
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Coming in last on our list is the Current USA Aquachef Automatic Fish Feeder. It comes with a reliable and easy to use mounting clamp that will fit on most smaller tanks. Then, remove the rubber suction cup from the inside of the clamp. It can feed your fish up to 4 times a day and is a reliable option. It is programmable and displays everything on an easy to read LCD screen. 85%OFF Aquachef Automatic Fish Feeder
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Aquachef Automatic Fish Feeder. Feeder Installation: Remove the feeder from the box and inspect thoroughly for any signs of damage, even if the box does not show damage. If you notice any damage (cracked covers, damaged timer, broken lid, etc.) please stop, and contact your dealer immediately. Open the battery cover and install two AA (1.5V) batteries. DO NOT use rechargeable batteries. If the symbol LO appears on the display, the batteries being installed need to be...Because I feel bad for my niece and don’t want her getting in trouble, I got her the AquaChef Fish Feeder which automatically feeds the aquarium. So now it doesn’t matter if she forgets, visits us across the border, or whether they go on vacation thanks to this automatic fish feeder. It works on a digital timer and uses a large multi-functional hopper which allows for pellets, flake food, or crumbled feed.I purchased an Aquachef fish feeder from FishTown USA in NY yesterday (5/10/11). When I put the feeder to work the motor was working and everything was doing fine. I set the feeding time a couple minutes ahead of the current time and waited for it to dispense on time. Nothing happened however. I thought it was normal so i set the feeding times for 6:30 am and 6:30 pm. Today I waited for 6:30 am and nothing happened,I tried setting the time a couple minutes ahead AGAIN but nothing happened AGAIN. I'm wondering if i can get a new fish feeder that actually dispenses on times Please notify me if I am able to retrieve a new feeder. The problem is i threw my receipt out because after i clicked the automatic button i thought nothing was wrong (because it dispensed normally.) So all i have now are the instructions and the fish feeder itself (i also threw the box away because i didn't thing a box would do me any good.) I don't know if i can get a new fish feeder without the receipt but all i can say is that the fish feeder was purchased on 5/10/11 at FishTown USA in NY.AquaChef automatically feeds your aquarium whether you are in town or on the road. It’s easy to use digital timer and large multi-functional hopper makes feeding your fish a snap.Here is a review of the aquachef automatic fish feeder. Overall, I think it can work well for someone looking to use is one or two weeks a year, but might not be the best choice for someone looking for an everyday feeder. Thanks for watching!Aquachef automatic fish tank feeder from Current USA is one of the most popular automatic fish food dispensers currently in the market. It features an innovative design that combines with great performance to give you a feeder you can rely on even when you are miles away. Its easy-to-use digital timer and hatch style feed door make it easy to feed your fish on time with the correct amount of food per rotation.