"""AquaStep, en only the best will do."

• Light Weight  - A single pool attendant can easily install and remove the Aqua Step in seconds.
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Aqua-Step is an environmentally friendly product. It has the magnificent beauty of hardwood without sacrificing a single tree. Aqua-Step can be fully recycled, it doesn't contain formaldehyde or PCP.
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Aqua-Step waterproof flooring with its unique qualities is perfect for both residential and light commercial applications, where traditional laminate is not. Manufactured in Belgium and newly introduced into the United States, Aqua Step is extremely durable, easy to maintain and scratch resistant. When installed with Aqua Base, the need for RH and PH testing is eliminated.

AquaStep are strong and durable, and proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.
Photo provided by Flickr“AquaStep….when only the best will do.”
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The Aqua Step HD is designed for the harshest of conditions. The treads are constructed from molded plastic cradled in a stainless steel frame and will support 600+ lbs. Some of the Step's features are: Aqua Step wood designs available in 16 different finishes have beveled edges on both the long and short sides of the plank. The V grooves create a sense of depth in your interior. *Mystic Wood and Sumatra Teak are finished with beveling on the long sides only, creating a more geometric feel.The Aqua Step ADA meets or exceeds all ADA requirements. Like the Aqua Step HD the ADA model is designed for the harshest conditions. The treads are constructed of coated stainless steel and will withstand 600+ pounds. Some of the Aqua Step ADA features:Is Aqua-Step strong enough?
The core of the board is made of a high quality synthetic resin in combination with a honeycomb structure. It withstands heavy loads and falling of objects. What about the strength of the locking system? Thanks to the use of the Uniclic locking system in combination with the high quality core in synthetic resins, a 100% improvement of the strength of the longitudinal and transversal locking means is obtained, unlike traditional laminate flooring. So no fears for open joints.Does Aqua-Step have better resistancy to water than other laminate floors?
The biggest fears of traditional laminates are water, condensation and moisture, which Aqua-Step effortlessly withstands. Aqua-Step is the inventor and first producer of waterproof laminate flooring. Aqua-Step can be used for extensive residential and commercial applications where traditional laminate cannot. Moreover an extended warranty is given contrary to traditional laminates. Aqua-Step can be cleaned with water and soap with 0% swelling of the boards. The floor can be held bacteria free and mold free, which is ideal for little children who love to play on the floor, allergy sufferers or pet-lovers.Aqua-Step Mini ceramic and natural stone tiles provide the same cosy sensations to the eye and touch as our Aqua-Step wood designs. If you want to optically divide the kitchen, office, living room and lounge, then the combination of laminate tiles and wood design planks is an interesting option. With a seamless joint, you can combine a wood and a tile design. These floors are complementary but also create some variation in your interior. The finish has beveled edges on all sides of the tile. All ceramic and stone designs have a pearl embossed coating that emphasizes the natural look of the tiles.