It is an aqua one aquience 850 Bowfront

fYesterday I bought an AquaOne Maxi 101F for £13 ($26) to use in my 7.5G bowfront Betta tank
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This custom bowfront double bullnose acrylic aquarium is one of the most unusual residential aquariums we have designed, and it provides a beautiful, unobstructed view of the aquatic inhabitants with no vertical seams. The custom designed reef within the aquarium was designed to coordinate with the décor of the room it stands proudly in the center of. Our client said he wanted “something no one else has” and we truly believe that we provided that for him with this stunning aquarium.
Aqua 7.5g Bowfront for 1 drain to the sump and one return from the sump
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Rimless, Precision Bracing, Euro-bracing, Bow front, Bull-Nose, Low-Iron Glass, Reptile Enclosures, Vivariums, Powder Coated Steel Stands, Custom Filtration Systems, All-In-One Aquariums, and High-Quality Custom Finished Cabinetry. Precious as a Butterfly Kiss on the cheek. This aqua one piece swimsuit with adjustable halter strap is adorned with butterfly bow on front and ties on side.
Photo provided by FlickrMr Aqua 3 Gallon Bowfront Catalina Aquarium Light w/ 2x13w power compact bulbs (unsure of spectrum, one is white, one is slightly blue)
Photo provided by FlickrIt is Aqua one 1800 bow front
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So I found a Mr. Aqua 3 gallon bow front on Amazon for cheap, grabbed an HOB filter and set it up today on the counter. One piece of driftwood, a couple rocks to hold some anubis nana, some needle leaf crypts and a java fern and he's all settled and telling me who is boss.The next morning I woke up and saw that my center brace was warped and stretched and the front of the tank was bowing (more then the bowfront already does!). I wanted to see if the center brace would hold for a while so I touched it to see how brittle it had become; it fell apart in my fingers. I suspected that my new lights heated the plastic center brace and melted it, although it could have been a manufacture defect in the center brace, ether way my center brace was compromised. During this whole time there where other things going on that took precedence over my reef tank, so I looked for a quick fix.

What I ended up doing is supporting the top of the aquarium with 18” nylon wood clamps and I clamped the front and the back of the aquarium so that the front would not bow out any further. I cut the warped piece of center brace back to where it wasn’t cracked and heated and drilled a hole on both the sides of the center brace. I then took some Plexiglas and cut it so that I could bridge the both sides of the center brace. I then bought some nylon bolts and nuts and attached the Plexiglas to the remaining ends of the center brace. When all was done I removed the clamps and the quick fix held the tank together. This was no the best job I have done but I was confident enough that the tank would hold until I could get a new one.

This worked for about three weeks then I noticed that the front trim was starting to drip water from the top brace. I quickly made the change over to a new tank and now my old 46gallon sits in my basement until I can fully replace the top brace and fix all the damage.

If I had to do it over and if I had more time I would have taken more time cutting the Plexiglas and I would have removed all of the center brace. I would have bridged the Plexiglas from the front part of the top brace to the back part of the top brace. I would have also used two nylon bolts on both sides instead of one, doing this would have given my tank more support and me, more piece of mind.