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At the heart of our natural process micro-filter are patented high-tech ceramic filter elements specifically designed for the AquaRain® system. Our state-of-the-art sub-micron ceramic elements filter water in a very natural way, using gravity to gently draw water down through our "cultured" ceramic stone in much the same manner as nature processes ground water through the earth. The microfine pore structure of our ceramic media will remove dangerous organisms such as protozoan cysts (Cryptosporidium, Giardia lamblia) and microscopic bacteria (E. coli, Salmonella typhimurium, etc...). Enclosed within the hard ceramic shell we have incorporated a concentrated bed of Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) that contains a self-sterilizing metallic silver. The silvered GAC bed will adsorb various organic chemicals such as MTBE and pesticides, remove chlorine compounds including carcinogenic halogens, and improve the taste and odor of the water. To the benefit of good health, our system will also leave unchanged the naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals in your filtered water.
The Aqua-Pure C-Complete Replacement Cartridge is the replacement filter for the AP Easy Complete Filtration System. Part number 5618007.
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The Aqua Pure 800 series O-Ring Model #6889832 prevents leaks in your filter housing by creating a secure seal. The 6889832 fits Aqua Pure housings in the 800 Series and is 5 3/4" in Diameter. If you are looking for filters or housings other than Aqua Pure, or for any other water treatment needs please visit our  website.
Photo provided by FlickrAquaRain Gravity Water Filters offer several unique innovations that set them far ahead of other ordinary water filter systems:
Photo provided by FlickrAqua Pure Water Conditioning provides quality drinking water systems, components and especially Aqua Pure Water Filters by Cuno.
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If you are currently using Aquapure filters, please visit our online to locate your filter cartridge or housing. Orders placed online are discounted 20% to 40% off the list prices.To support aquatic life whether at an aquaculture facility, backyard pond or large aquarium system it is essential to remove both ammonia and accumulated debris. The most efficient way to accomplish this is by installing an Ultima II biomechanical filter. The patented media has the highest biofilm surface for bacterial growth, this beneficial bacteria converts ammonia into harmless compounds. The dense bed of ridged media traps solids without clumping. Internal jets in the filter are activated during the backwash separating the waste from the media and sending it out the waste line. This is the official site of Aqua Pure Water Conditioning, Inc. located in Clarkston, Michigan. We are not the manufacturer of Aqua-Pure, Cuno, Purwater, MacClean or 3M brand filters. We are a specialized distributor and offer expert technical support for all Aqua-Pure, Cuno, Purwater, MacClean and 3M water filtration products in addition to sales and bulk distribution. To contact the manufacturer of the products we sell visit . Aqua Filter Plus is proud to manufacture some of the world’s most advanced and effective for residential use. Our water filtration systems produce incredibly clean, incredibly delicious water for your whole home, shower and drinking faucets, as well as sleek, modern water coolers for the home or office. Browse our or and our passion for delivering pristine, crisp water to homeowners everywhere!The Aqua-Pure AP810 replacement is a long lasting whole house water filter cartridge that reduces limescale and rust buildup around faucets and appliances.The AquaPure AP110 Compatible 5 Micron Sediment Filter is a whole house water filter cartridge that is a compatible replacement for the 3M Cuno Model CFS110 and AP110 filters. This sediment filter cartridge is compatible for use in several whole hou