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As of 2017, Aqua Dog is available in stores, typically in the As Seen on TV section, for about $13.
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Tami Saunders, a Aqua Dog customer in her review says that it is a great idea but a difficult product. If they find out a way to keep the water in the bowl after squeezing, AquaDog can really work well.
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Another user, Byron Patrick, who bought AquaDog asserts in his review that the design is simply awkward to use. It is more like a game rather than an easy drinking bowl for the dogs. His review also sheds some light on the quality of AquaDog and states that it is not only disappointing in quality but also in size and doesn’t justify its price tag. The Aqua Dog is a portable water bowl that can be used on trips to the dog park and in the car.
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Photo provided by FlickrI ordered my Aqua Dog™ and it said shipping will take 3-6 weeks. Why so long?
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Pet owners are some of the most enthusiastic shoppers when it comes to pampering and caring for their furry friends. For those who like to take their dogs out for walks or to the park, Aqua Dog offers a superior alternative to carrying around dog bowls and bottles of water.At first glance, Aqua Dog appears to be a regular sports water bottle, but with a small bowl on top. To fill this bowl, you simply squeeze the bottle, and water will rise up from the bottom and into the bowl, allowing your dog to drink in a more natural manner."I think it is amazing. It's so clever," said Shelley Weathers, when we showed her the product at a dog park. Her dog Parsley didn't need much coaxing to drink from the bottle.

"She drinks out of the pond and I can not stand that," said Weathers "So maybe she will drink out of it (the Aqua Dog) and that would be nice."Aqua Dog presents an elegant solution to the problem of keeping your dog hydrated while out of the house. It is a more sleek option than carrying a dog bowl and bottle of water, although that option is still viable, especially if you aren’t traveling too far from your vehicle.Of my four pets, two of them took right to it, while the other two seemed hesitant. Because it is a different type of container, some dogs may take some time to get used to using it. My cat, by the way, immediately drank from Aqua Dog. Cindy, owner of Aquadog Spa, is a Licensed Massage Practioner, Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and endorsed as a Small Animal Massage Practitioner. Cindy is a graduate of the Renton Technical College Massage Therapy Program and the Northwest School of Animal Massage. She is a member in good standing of the IAAMB (International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork) and the ACWT (Association of Canine Water Therapy).

Overall, I like the idea behind Aqua Dog. It allows pet owners to easily carry around water for their dog in a non-spill, portable solution. The reservoir may seem rather small for larger dogs, but continuously squeezing the sides should provide a constant supply of water for your pet.2.) I am an adult swimmer and I don't know how to/it's been 30years since I used a block. Must I?
No--you can push or dive from the wall too. If interested watch Facebook page for a start clinic prior to Aquadog!