Tropical Angelfish Costume for girls

 Fun to make! Fun to wear! 100% Eco-Friendly Angelfish Costume
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I'm in the same boat. I need to come up with ideas for various fish costumes (sharks, clown fish, angel fish, crabs, etc.) for a 2nd grade play. Funds and additional help are very limited. Have you received many 'bites' to your posting? I'd love some ideas.
tom arma water babies angelfish costume
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Side note to getting at least one of each Chistmas fish- it actually costs 71,000 candies (71,500 if you get the Night of Christmas) due to needing the Christmas potion to get the snowflake dolphin and the walrus and the Rudolf costume to get the polar bear and the snowflake whale.
To do this in the cheapest way, you will need 39 snowflake angelfish, 3 christmas football fish, and 1 each of the Christmas yellow tang, baby penguin, snowflake sea slug, walrus, christmas dumbo octopus, emperor penguin, snowflake dolphin, christmas dolphin, polar bear, and snowflake whale.
This would take 71,000 taps on fish candies with no Song of the Moon, 14,200 with lv 1 SotM, 11,834 with lv 2 SotM, 10,143 with lv 3 SotM, 8,875 with lv 4 SotM, 7,889 with lv 5 SotM, 7,100 with lv 6 SotM, 6,455 with lv 7 SotM, 5,917 with lv 8 SotM, 5,462 with lv 9 SotM, 5,072 with lv 10 SotM, and 4,733 with lv 11 SotM. sea costumes | Tropical Angelfish Costume for Kids is a Standout this Halloween (NY ...
Photo provided by Flickrtropical angelfish headpiece child costume accessory - Chasing Fireflies
Photo provided by Flickrtropical angelfish girls costume - Chasing Fireflies
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Rare McCoy Miniature Aqua Angelfish Pottery - $400.00 : Curb Your Collecting, :: Vintage Costume Jewelry, Art pottery, Linens, Kitchen China, Glassware, Clothing and Accessories. Behind him on two desks are the secrets to his success: three computer monitors. On one is a sketch of his hot rod. On the next is a digital sculpture of the angelfish costume and on the third is an angelfish shape covered in rectangles. He explained that in Hollywood they usually start with a maquette to use in patterning a full-size creature.