Best Aquarium Filters for a Clean Tank Reviewed & Buyer's Guide

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Small fish tanks are often sold as a complete setup like the which you can get online or any pet store. These kits usually comes with a hood, lighting and a small filter for small aquarium. However, if you don’t like to buy a kit or you are finding a new supply to replace the old one damaged, you must choose the right type fit for your small tank in order not to disturb the peaceful life of fish.
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This sponge filter works great for aquariums with a capacity of up t0 40 gallons. It provides chemical as well as biological filtration for your fish tank. It comes with an external air pump that produces oxygenated bubbles. The base is made of strong, durable weighted plastic that holds the sponge nicely away from the bottom. During cleaning, this filter dismantles easily and the sponges have pores that allow for growth of healthy bacteria colonies. In a nut shell, the Lustar Hydro III Pro Filter comes in a simple, elegant design that’s optimized for provision of amazing performance. Oct 13, 2016 - Estiq Mini Fish Tank Super Aquarium Air Driven Biochemical Sponge Fish Tank Corner Filter, Blue (Click Link to Check Price on Amazon)
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In this video, I'm showcasing my 55 gallon Amazon tank; I had 45 fish, all from a high quality local fish store, they were all introduced over a reasonable amount of time. Then, it all went downhill after I introduced 10 Cardinal Tetras from Pet Supplies Plus. All except a handful of Glolight tetras, a few Neons and Rummy Nose Tetras died. The male African Dwarf Frog survived, the female and offspring were lost too. I know 10 cardinals may have been a lot at once, but the tank was established. The filter is a Fluval C4, which is the best power filter, in my opinion. Thank's for watching!The tank is equipped with two powerful systems: filtration and circulation pump. You can control the output nozzle. Thus, no fish waste or dirt will concentrate and damage your betta fish.An Amazon Sword makes a great background plant. When planted alone, it can be an eye-catching centerpiece plant. Its lush green leaves will really stand out especially against a black background. When planted with others of its kind, an Amazon Sword Plant can create a thick green “forest-like” effect. Either way, an Amazon Sword Plant can be just the right plant to hide a power filter intake tube or an aquarium heater.An Amazon Sword Plant is a good choice for community fish tanks. Its not really a good choice for tanks with Oscars, Jack Dempsey, Texas Cichlids or other roughens as these fish can damage plant leaves very easily. The same goes for Plecostomas.Note Regarding Goldfish: Goldfish can be rough on sword plants too, so they may not be the best plants for a Goldfish tank. That said, when I kept Goldfish, I found that having an sword plant or two in the tank was a good thing for the Goldfish because they would pick at it from time to time, and eat the leaves as if it were salad. So from that angle, it was a good idea.Some things to look for: When purchasing, look for Amazon Sword Plants with long healthy green leaves. And make sure they are free from holes, cracks or brown spots, if possible. Also, try to find plants that have a healthy looking and robust root structure. Try to avoid plants with discolored or dying leaves. If leaves are yellow, brown, or turning clear, it may be best to pass on buying the plant.