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Amazon Biotope - Freshwater Aquarium Plants
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Amazon frogbit reproduces sexually through flower pollination and seed production, although this can be difficult to reproduce in the home aquarium. In an aquarium, most reproduction will occur through plant stem fragmentation. Smaller plants will break off the main plant, and they will grow to form full plants in their new location.
When you have the proper aquarium, you can give it an Amazon theme. You can use plants, driftwoods, stones, specific gravel, and specific fish.
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Best cultivated in large aquariums, Amazon Sword Plants make a great focal point if used singly. When used in groups, they create an interesting background when grown with other aquarium plants. I've kept Amazon swords for as long as I have had a planted aquarium,and throughout all of the trials and tribulations I have never lost one.
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The Amazon biotope aquarium is a popular set up kept by numerous aquarists, from beginners to experts. Most beginners start out with community aquariums with fish and plants from all corners of the world, but keeping a biotope aquarium is by no means more difficult than keeping an international community aquarium. If you are a beginner, you should therefore not hesitate to set up an Amazon biotope aquarium, as long as you are okay with sticking to sturdy plants and fish species from the Amazon region until you gain more experience. Setting up a biotope aquarium is actually ideal for a beginner since all plants and fishes will need exactly the same water conditions, water temperature etcetera to thrive. So, what is a biotope aquarium? As you might have guessed already, a biotope aquarium is simply an aquarium containing plants and animals from the same biotope. An Amazon biotope aquarium will for instance only contain plants and fish native to the Amazon region in South America. Light
The sun is very strong in tropical South America, but as mentioned above the water in the Amazon region is often very dark due to high levels of humic acid. The water is also shadowed by overhanging lush vegetation in most parts of the Amazonas. If you want to keep light craving plants in your Amazon biotope aquarium you will need 2-3 tubes with spectrums for plant growth that stretches the entire length of the aquarium and comes with proper reflectors. If you do not have a lot of light, stick to low-demanding Amazon plant species. Aquarium decoration
The Amazon waters are densely grown with aquatic plants and including a lot of live plants is recommended if you want to mimic the Amazonian environment. Also include plenty of bogwood and allow the bogwood to colour the water. Hardcore enthusiasts arrange the bogwood in a tangled fashion to make it look as if it had got stuck in the aquarium after drifting down the Rio Amazon. Amazon biotope fishes
A lot of popular aquarium fish hails from the Amazon region and will love to be placed in an Amazon biotope aquarium. If they have been captive bred for generations they might have adapted a tolerance for harder and less acidic conditions, but many of them really flourish when they are placed back in the type of environment that their ancestors hail from. Be careful however, changes always have to be slow and gradual.