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Algaefix kills all inverts while not disturbing the tank cycle. Its also safe for fish.
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The pond owner's number one problem has been green water caused by single-cell algae, blanketweed and string algae. Previously, all algaecides that dealt with this issue were non-selective and killed or damaged all plants in the pond along with the algae. In addition to their plants being killed, many pond owners became concerned that the fish in their ponds would be harmed and their fish pond care would be hindered. Pond Care AlgaeFix solves all these problems. AlgaFix is an effective, EPA registered selective algae-control product that solves algae problems and allows you to implement safe fish pond care in the process.
And if the algae is bad, you convert the harmless live algae into dead decaying algae, that pollutes the water, and that kills the fish.
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I have a 30 gallon tank and my water is green with an algae bloom. I have found that I have been giving my tank too much light. I have a snail inside my tank and I’ve heard that algae reducing chemicals may kill the snail. Are there any products that will be safe to use without harming the fish and the snail? Algae is a plant and whatever kills it will kill desirable plants as well. People have killed all their fish with it too.
Photo provided by FlickrAlgae Fix will indeed kill your crayfish and it can kill fish, frogs and plants. I've read many a post by people who have done so.
Photo provided by FlickrAug 2, 2009 - Someone recommended PondCare Algaefix and said that it won't kill the fish
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big paw:
Hi all,

20 gallon tank with an Eclipse hood/filter system and a 4.5" Black Moor. Fully cycled and water parameters normal. Just did a 20% water change tonight and removed the ornaments to clean them a bit. I've been having a fair problem with green algae. Been doing algae scrapes and water changes once a week. The only thing I can think is that I have the lights on too much? 10+ hours a day. I keep the lights on that long because the tank is in the kitchen which has no external light. It is a dark room without lights on.

Anyway. A while after I did the water change (added no chemicals except declorinator) I added the recommended amount (2 ml) of API Algaefix. Within one minute my Moor was acting weird. He usually swims the entire tank, staying toward the front when he sees me there. For a couple of minutes he just darted around the tank like a crazy fish, then scrunched himself into the back corner by the filter basket and sat at the bottom. I moved the filter basket a couple of times, while watching him to try to get him to come to the front, but he just went right back to that corner and sat on the bottom. A couple of times he came to a front corner and just sort of vibrated there at the bottom before returning to the back corner. I even threw a couple of sinking pellets in the tank, figuring that might get him to do anything normal, being a goldfish (aka pig). Not interested. He was acting sort of like he was having a neurological problem or something.

After about 10-15 minutes I was seriously concerned that I had just killed him, so I got the fish bucket and filled it with aprrox. temperature water to the tank and some StressCoat. Netted him and deposited him into the bucket. Within about a minute he started swimming around the bucket and acting more normal. He started coming to the surface like he was looking for food, so I threw in a couple of pellets and sure enough, he ate them! He seems to be fine now.

Scared the hell out of me needless to say. Not sure what to do now with a fish in a 2.5 gallon bucket. Put a new charcoal filter in the tank and give it a day? Drain the tank and refill it? I have a 5 gallon hex that I could put him in if he needs to be out of the 20 gal for more than a day.

My biggest question is....has anybody else had this problem or heard of it? I realize chemicals are not the best solution and I do try to stay away from most of them, but this algae thing has been getting out of hand. I'm planning on getting a Bristlenose Pleco, but the LDS's don't seem to stock them and the next fish swap isn't for another couple of weeks, hence the Algaefix.

Any feedback on other's problems with this product or what to do with the tank would, as always, be much appreciated. He's not real happy in his bucket! Please note I did not quote any toxicity data for koi or carp or goldfish because I couldn't find any data on those fish species for the active ingredient in AlgaeFix. So the fact that the AlgaeFix does not always kill fish may be either a function of the kind of fish in the pond or that somehow the lifetime of the AlgaeFix in the specific pond is not long enough to kill fish. And, of course, that is how high doses of potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide or sodium percarbonate can be used to safely kill algae, namely in an algae rich pond, none of these oxidizers last long enough to hurt the fish in reasonable doses.