Tropical Fish for Freshwater Aquariums: Tiger Oscar, Albino

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There is a possibility that your oscar is only partially blind. Albinoism effects pigment, most easily noticed is skin pigment, but it can also effect pigment in the eyes. I'm not sure of the similarities of albinoism between fish and humans, but I do know that some people born albino also are born with impared vision due to a lack of eye pigment.
Albino Tiger Oscar.. In a BIG tank with maybe a few dither fish like Tin Foil Barbs.. Please?
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Common Names: Oscar Fish, Velvet Cichlid, Marbled Cichlid, or any number of color/pattern variations + Oscar (Tiger Oscar, Red Oscar, Common Oscar, Albino Oscar, Lutino Oscar, Wild Type Oscar) Albino Tiger Oscar.. In a BIG tank with maybe a few dither fish like Tin Foil Barbs.. Please?
Photo provided by FlickrPopular aquarium fish -- Albino Oscar from Oscar variety. For more details click on -
Photo provided by Flickrmy oscars are always right next to eachother but sometimes they'll square off just to make sure the albino is still the dominant fish.
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Albino Oscar fish may be almost entirely white or white with lots of red and orange stripes on their bodies. The eyes of a true albino Oscar fish will be red or orange. If the fish has dark eyes, he's a light type of Oscar fish but not a true albino. Albino Tiger Oscar fish - if you want to be pedantic then this is actually a Lutino Oscar fish as it exhibits colour pigmentation, whereas true albino creatures do not. However, for the sake of stopping confusion, they are normally referred to as albino. This particular fish all so has some Tiger Oscar fish in it as well The veil tail or veiltail Oscar fish features beautiful long fins and tail. You can find veil tail Oscar fish in all standard Oscar colors ranging from dark to albino. Be careful not to overcrowd your Oscar fish when you have a veil tail, as overcrowding can lead to nipped fins, ruining the graceful, flowing look of the veiltail Oscar. There are a few color varieties of the Oscar Fish including albino, olive-green, brown and dark gray. They can get quite large, usually 12-14 inches and should be kept in a 75 gallon or larger aquarium. The Oscar is also known for being one of the more messy tropical fish to keep. Try to get the best filtration system possible for them and be prepared to perform frequent water changes. They are known to rearrange their environment from time to time and to bash in to filter uptake tubes and heaters. If you are wanting to keep live plants in an aquarium you may not want to get an Oscar because they love to dig up plants. They are also very good jumpers, so a heavy hood is a necessity.The Oscar fish is also known as the Red, Albino and Tiger Oscar. Originating in the waters of the Amazon, the Oscar fish is another extremely popular fish. Their popularity stems from their personality, which has been compared to that of a puppy. Many keepers experience begging around meal times or the seemingly playful greetings they receive from their fish when they get home.Red Lutino Oscar fish - this is what we would call a red Lutino Oscar fish, although some people may still refer to it as albino, does it really matter?