Air Pumps & Air Stones: Increase Aeration for Healthy Aquariums

Airstones, Curtains, Diffusers for Aquariums - Drs. Foster and Smith
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Airstones make a very noticeable difference in every aquarium. Beyond adding visual interest by releasing cascading streams of bubbles that can cause beautiful tricks of light and water, airstones also serve a very important purpose in maintaining the overall health of your aquarium environment. Releasing oxygen into the water via bubbles helps aerate your aquarium water, providing more life-giving oxygen for your fish and plants. In addition, the disturbance caused by the bubbles, however mild, plays an important role in helping the water circulate and avoid becoming stagnant. Airstones are easy to use and require virtually no effort to put to use in your aquarium tank.

Pet Mountain's Aquarium Airstone store features top quality products from the most trusted names in aquarium care and equipment, including Via Aqua, Hagen Marina, Penn Plax, Lee's, Marineland, and more. The provides a fun twist on traditional airstones by combining it with a slow changing led color light show! These airstones use low voltage LED lamps that are self-weighted for simple installation. These LED lights will help add a new dimension to your tank and illuminate your water! Slow Color Changing LED Lights and Airstone are perfect for brilliant color viewing and comes with a transformer, two suction cup brackets and a wire suction cup. The (formerly Hagen Elite Aqua Fizzz) is a durable air stone that diffuses water in every direction. Airstones are small enough to fit common box filters and undergravel riser stems. Accelerates oxygen replenishment and helps release carbon dioxide build-up. The creates a dazzling underwater scene, increases surface agitation, accelerates oxygen replenishment and helps release carbon dioxide build-up.

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Should you have an airs tone in your aquarium.If you want to put an air stone in your tank get some now.
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Air stones can be placed anywhere in a fish tank, there are almost no limitations as to position and numbers of used devices. The device is connected to the air pump via airline which makes it possible to pump air from outside through the pump to the air stone. There’s a motor which drives propeller that sucks air which is then pumped to an air stone. As an aquarium air stone is a lightweight device which is full of little holes intended for displacing air into the water, air is being released into an aquarium once the pump is plugged into electricity and turned on. Adding a air stone to your aquarium - YouTube
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Precisely how effective are those small bubbles which come out from air stones, or diffusers? A number of aquarists believe that they perform a crucial role inside the with regards to oxygenation and air diffusion of the water, and that this air source is sufficient. When it comes to the rise of DO (dissolved oxygen) in a fish tank, the water surface is one of the main sites where this exchange takes place. Oxygen is blended down into the water; carbon dioxide is released out to the air, not forgetting that other gases readily pass through the permeable surface of water at the same time. This is the principle which our bodies work on whenever we breathe; inhale good air and exhale bad air. It’s the same manner with the fish tank.Now that you have known all the benefits of air stones as well as some of its negative sides, you will be able to set up your aquarium completely. Kids can participate in this one of a kind hobby and might have their own fish tank if they want. You can check the coolest designs and latest models of at that will definitely suit your child’s taste.