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Can goldfish be put in a bowl for 24 hours with out filter or air pump
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Do goldfish need an aquarium air pump? Yes and no really. If you want your goldfish to live a long healthy life then go with an air pump. Having an air pump in the aquarium or goldfish bowl helps in so many ways. It creates gas exchange and helps add oxygen to the water. Some people believe that goldfish will live just fine without an air pump and that may be so. For instance if you have an aquarium and have a filter running this helps add oxygen to the water. The water flowing in forces oxygen into the water increasing the oxygen level that fish need.
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Well, after browsing around here I feel like I must add my story... Adopted my Mom's Comet fish Nana, when Nana was 3ish. She lived happily in a small 2ish gallon, decorative bowl with silk plant and 1/2 - 3/4" round stones... No filter, no air pump, just water changes. She continued to live happily 5 more years with us on our kitchen island, with one upsize to a bigger 3ish+ gallon bowl, silk plant and more 1/2-3/4" stones. Her demise happened 4 days after my girlfriend (who rarely preps any food), hammered 4lbs. of chicken (on a Monday night) with a heavy saucepan on the island Nana lived on, (I was so mad at her for stressing Nana out like that, "Are you trying to kill Nana fish?!...WTH!? Lisa!!" Sure enough Nana went downhill pretty fast after the hammering incident. The night she was obviously dying and did die, I noticed about 3-4 days worth of fish food on the bottom (never, ever, have seen uneaten flakes like that before). I'm no expert or fish whisperer, but Nana was her active, happy self on Sunday and dead on Friday... After what I believe we're 8 active, happy years... She maybe grew an inch in the 5 years we had her (to about 3ish inches - tip of nose to tip of tail)... I never did any research on goldfish (until now, cause she is gone). I just did what I thought was right to keep her alive, well and what I believe as happy... Coincident with hammering incident, maybe... I do believe that played a part in her passing... I am sad :( RIP Nana Fish... Biochemical Sponge Aquarium Air Pump Water Filter Clean for Fishbowl ..
Photo provided by FlickrCan goldfish be put in a bowl for 24 hours with out filter or air pump?
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However, if you cannot provide an air pump for your fishbowl, your goldfish can live very well. Also, if you do have an air pump and you worry about extended power outages, you can still make sure your fish survive in the aquarium. There is a plain and simple solution, which I will share with you through my own story.This article is subjective. All goldfish are different and can tolerate different conditions - much like humans. Therefore, some goldfish may be able to live in a bowl with any pump or oxygen, and others may not be able to sustain such conditions. I had a goldfish live for eight years in a regular bowl without any air pump and throughout it's life it was active and healthy. After it died, I replaced the water and bought a new goldfish. I kept the new one at the same conditions I kept the old one - it died after a week. You never can predict the lifespan of a goldfish or how to care for it; it's not one size fits all. Don't overthink things: feed it, clean the bowl every few days, keep it in water (obviously), and hope for the best.Goldfish need plenty of oxygen and an aquarium air pump is highly recommended as it helps reduce stress too. As we all know with stress can come sickness and diseases so it is always best to take all necessary steps to keeping goldfish healthy. I mentioned about a goldfish pond in the summer just to explain a little more on this subject. As far as goldfish bowls and aquariums are concerned it is to your best option to go and equip your fish tank with an air pump. The agitation that happens at the surface of the water will add oxygen to your fish tank. This will create a healthier home for your fish and will reduce stress. If people are planning on having good luck taking care of goldfish then I would suggest not to go and try and keep them in a goldfish bowl. It’s just too small and in order to have great luck with fish keeping I would get all the proper equipment needed such as air pump, filter and aquarium gravel. With basically everything in life things need oxygen to live and goldfish are much the same. Also beneficial bacteria in your filter need oxygen to live and reproduce. Air pumps can help in so many ways in keeping an aquarium healthy. I hope this helps give you more of an idea on why people should really have an air pump in their fish tank. Your goldfish will like you for it and you will have better luck with your overall experience in fish keeping. Having an air pump in your goldfish aquarium is absolutely necessary towards optimum fish health.Everything I've read about keeping aquariums always ALWAYS says that a small tank is a bad idea for a beginner (the reason for this is the fact that even a small amount of fish waste can drastically change the water quality when it's dissolved in just a little water, so you need to keep a careful eye on water quality, and understand the factors that affect it). But what if you just want a little fishbowl on your desk (or wherever), and don't feel like sinking over hundred dollars into setting up a respectable size tank (i.e. 10 gallons or more, and believe me, it will add up to that much or more, with tank, stand, hood, filter, air pump, gravel, decor, chemicals, etc). On the other hand, you don't want to just have a betta death-trap, where you change the water from time to time and hope your fish doesn't die. You can always shell out $30 - $80 on something like the Eclipse Explorer (prettier kinds are on the higher end of that range), and have a relatively complicated setup to clean and maintain to boot. Or you can set up a very simple and very effective filtration system in your existing tank for about $12. However, I must point out that a filter doesn't replace the need for frequent partial water changes.