West African Lung Fish Feeding on dragon fish

West African Lung Fish Feeding on dragon fish - Duration: 10:50
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Arowana are a beautiful, colorful fish that is also locally referred to as Water Monkeys, Dragon Fish, Baramundi, Saratoga, Kelesa, and Aruana. They belong to the Osteoglossidae Family of freshwater bony fish and are found in South America, Asia and Australia. There is an African species in the Family Arapaimidae that includes the Arapaima which is now considered a separate species.
an African Amber by Mac & Jack's Brewing Company at Dragonfish Asian Cafe.
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Dragonfish / Dragon gobies / Violet Gobies fighting one another. I keep these guys in a 55 gallon fish tank. This goes on randomly and they seem to have a good time. This time I was able to get it on video!

I have had a great time learning about these special dragon fish, they are great tank mates to the other fish, and since they filter feed primarily, they do a good job of cleaning some of the floating stuff in the water.

I wouldn't have these fish in less than a 55 gallon tank as they take up a lot of room and grow to over 24 inches. They also get really thick.

Also you need these fish in BRACKISH water. So with every water change, add some salt.


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Photo provided by FlickrAug 22, 2013 - “It's similar to a dragonfish that allegedly comes from Africa and could ..
Photo provided by FlickrAnd I can tell my White with black and blue stipes African Cichlid named
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A study published in the journal Nature said these scientists used the African dragon fish, also called Polypterus, to support their theory that ancient fishes similar to the Polypterus evolved into tetrapods that first walked on land.
Sometimes a fish out of water really can do better on land! Scientists studying a strange fish called a bichir from riverbanks in Africa have found that when they raise these so-called dragon fish in a terrestrial environment, their bodies actually change in ways that make them more successful walkers.The Senegal bichir, sometimes called the dinosaur eel or the dragon fish, is a species of freshwater fish found in the marginal swamps and freshwater lagoons of Nile basin and West Africa.The Senegal bichir () also known as the gray bichir and Cuvier's bichir, is sometimes called the "dinosaur eel" (a misnomer, as the creature is neither an nor a dinosaur) also called "Dinosaur Bichir" or "dragon fish" in the pet trade. It is a prototypical of fish in the , meaning most of its features are held across the genus. Commonly kept in captivity by hobbyists. They are native from Africa where they are the most widespread species of the genus.Adding 1 of 3 dragon fish to my african cichlid community tank. There like little tremors they burrow in the sand for safety even though all 3 of them are around 7 inches long as of 1-29-14I have read that any aggressive fish, such as the African cichlids, should not be housed with the eel. The eel will take to hiding, same with the dragon goby, it has no real way of defending its self.