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african cichlids fish tanks ~ they stacked rocks n the fish can swim through it.
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Most saltwater fish tanks have coral sand substrate and "live rock," or dead coral colonized by other animals. For African Rift Valley cichlids, you can use many of the same substrates and rocks you would find in a saltwater tank. Coral sand and other calcium-rich rocks will harden the water, making it more like the water they come from. For other cichlids, you can use white aquarium sand and large, rough white rocks to get the same effect without altering your water.
african cichlids fish tanks
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Saltwater fish come in a dazzling array of colors, and many species are compatible as tank mates. African cichlids tend to be quite colorful for freshwater tanks, however, and can create a beautiful aquarium display. African cichlids tend to be a bit on the aggressive side; some species are extremely aggressive. Because of this, it may be difficult to find tank mates for them. Saltwater fish are easily stressed by different factors, leading to illness and fatalities. African cichlids are hardy and adaptable to various situations. Many cichlid owners enjoy cichlids' superior intelligence. Some cichlids can adapt to saltwater or brackish water. Integrating cichlids into saltwater tanks, though, is not something to take on as a beginner. Aquarium Setup,African Cichlids,Freshwater Aquarium,Fish Tanks,Aquascaping,Aquariums,Goldfish,Habitats,Layout
Photo provided by FlickrFish information on Peacock Cichlids, Aulonocara types of cichlids from Lake Malawi, their habitats and keeping African cichlids tanks.
Photo provided by Flickrafrican cichlids fish tanks
Photo provided by Flickr
Lake Malawi Cichlids

Tropical Fish Profiles of cichlids from Lake Malawi in South Africa. With a claim to fame as the ninth largest lake in the world, Lake Malawi is also the third largest and second deepest lake in South Africa, situated at far south of the East African Rift system. It is home to more than 1000 species of cichlids so we will cover as many as possible and those most commonly known in the trade of ornamental fish keeping.

The majority of cichlids from Lake Malawi can be broken down in to three different types, the Aulonocara (Peacocks), Haplochromis (Haps) and Mbuna. It is quite common to keep the Aulonocara cichlid together with Haps as these both have the same diet and tend to swim more in open water although rock work is still essential in the aquarium. Mbuna are primarily a vegetarian so they get their nutrition from grazing on rocks, as such feeding them some of the essentials that the Peacock’s and Haplochromis require can lead to problems.

Malawi Fish Tanks are often thought of as the closest thing to Marine fish keeping due to the rock work required and the stunning vibrant colours that these fish can bring to the home aquarium.

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Subscribe to a Youtube Channel: Plants in the Malawi Cichlid aquarium can work but be aware that most Malawi cichlids are diggers and occasionally will taste plants, especially if those cichlids are in the mbuna group. Plants that usually do well in African tanks are , and Java fern. The last two are especially good as they can be tied to a rock or a piece of wood and will grow directly on that, therefore eliminating the possibility of being uprooted by the fish. In addition, they are tough plants with a rather nasty taste to the fish.Hi everyone :) Here's a video of all my tanks. Hope you enjoy it.

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