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So for my Current set up with 2 large fish tanks with their own air pumps and a blower providing air for the raft beds and shallow tanks, I am using a total of about 475 watts for aeration. If I were to try to do all that using only a single blower, I would have to use more than double the wattage.
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So to answer your question for you, I would need to know the depth and planned MAX Fish load of the fish tank and I would need to know the depth and shape of the Raft beds.
I can guess that I would probably recommend a separate air pump to provide the fish tank aeration and then a small blower to deal with the raft beds just to get the most air for the least amount of ongoing electrical usage. Air Bubble Disk Stone Aquarium Aerator Fish Tank Pump Hydroponics Oxygen 40mm
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Aeration within your aquarium is very important for your Betta. Even though a fairly large fish tank with a chosen by a professional provides plenty of aeration, it’s still wise to add further equipment. To be cautious, many hobbyists install an airstone that connects to an air pump. This provides a stream of bubbles that are not only good for the fish, but also provide a pleasing site in your aquarium.When your fish fall ill, medications can put them on the mend. Raising the water temperature often goes along with or is done in lieu of adding medications. Medicines typically call for increased aeration because many either remove oxygen from the water or create a film that spreads across the surface of your water and impedes oxygen exchange at the surface. Increasing water temperature also calls for increased aeration because warmer water holds less oxygen. In both cases, air pumps offer the quickest and easiest solution for increasing oxygen throughout your tank. Although an airstone is a wise investment, make sure the aeration in your fish tank is gentle and not strong and overpowering. Remember, in , they live in fairly stagnant water. They don’t spend their lives “living an upstream battle” every day and expending their energy fighting off a current of air bubbles. Position your , driftwood, rocks and other decorations in the direct flow of the pump as to redirect and weaken the current. This will protect your Betta without sacrificing any of the filtration system’s efficiency.Contrary to the popular belief that a fish tank air pump ‘supplies’ oxygen, the air pump actually promotes the dissolved oxygen. The increased dissolved oxygen means better and efficient gas exchange and minimizing of the harmful effects of other dissolved gases like ammonia. Ever wondered, that the oceans actually don’t have a huge air pump. Aeration is provided due to the super – sized surface area and the movements of the marine life in it.Generally, an aquarium air pump could be a very nice decoration and useful equipment of your fish tank and it has the ability to create many different types of bubbles, which can look very nice and its capability to aerate the water makes it a good subject of your interest. They don’t cost much and they aren’t a heavy energy wasters. Usual energy consumption of these devices is just from 5 to 10 watts per hour. In addition bubbles from any aquarium air pump can be illuminated by colourful light source. This way you will create very unusual decoration which will attract people looking at your fish tank for many hours.Aquarists of all levels understand the importance of aquarium water pumps and their role in water movement and maintaining premium water quality for the health of their fish, corals and other aquatic invertebrates. Because of the wide assortment of inline aquarium water pumps and power heads available, it can often take some research to find the best fish tank aerators for your pet’s home. By keeping the size and type of your pet’s home into consideration, along with the aquatic life it will be housing, you can determine whether to opt for submersible or inline aquarium water pumps. Learn more about the differences in water movement and circulation preferred by your fish, corals, and other aquatic life and find the best fish tank pump to promote their health and longevity.