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New Aquarium Pond Pump Hydroponics Diffuser Fish Tank Bubble Air Stone Aerator
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Description : It produces fine bubbles making it efficient in the replacement of Oxygen in fish ponds, tanks or hydroponic systems. A great way to properly aerate a home aquarium. It creates a circle of bubbles that helps keep healthy fish and adds to the beauty of the aquarium.
Dimensions: Total length: 2.125 inches (including the air stone and nozzle) Dimension of the air stone: 1.5″ in diameter x 0.5″H
INCLUDES: 1 piece of air stone disk
Air Bubble Disk Stone Aquarium Aerator Fish Tank Pump Hydroponics Oxygen 40mm
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Along with the many nets and netting products we offer, we also carry many different aerators and agitators to help you oxygenate your lake, pond, livewell or transport tank. Fish of all shapes and sizes thrive in water that is properly oxygenated.

We offer some of the best brands of water aerators and agitators, such as Kasco, Bait Saver, Fish Saver, Otterbine and Powerhouse. You can choose the aerator or agitator with the right horsepower for your needs, whether it's ½ horsepower, ¾ horsepower, or 1, 2, 3 or 5 horsepower. These units are capable of aerating a pond from ½ acre to 5 acres.

We also offer many aeration products which will take care of your smaller needs. We offer aeration systems for buckets, livewells and tanks. The buckets or tanks can range in size from 3 gallons to 200 gallons. Whether you need to provide oxygen for a bucket of minnows or a lake full of game fish, Memphis Net & Twine has the perfect aerators and agitators to do the job. Place your order today! 4size Fresh Air Stone Bubble Bar Aquarium Fish Tank Aerator Pump Hydroponics BBC
Photo provided by FlickrAir Bubble Disk Stone Aquarium Aerator Fish Tank Pump Hydroponics Oxygen 40mm
Photo provided by FlickrAquarium Fish Tank Air Bubble Stone Aerator Pump Hydroponic Oxygen Diffuser Tube #Unbranded
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Such aerating devices produce bubbles and the bubbles move the water surface which is how they aerate the water. Choosing the right air pump is not so difficult, you just have to choose it according to the depth of your aquarium and the pressure you need for the ornament (i.e. the deeper the tank, the greater pressure and wattage is needed for a pump to work effectively). On the other hand if you are choosing an ornamental aerator, you are choosing it according to the facts how you like it, or which would look best in your aquarium. Many aquarists prefer to run several aeration devices simultaneously in order to achieve highest possible levels of oxygen in a fish tank.Generally, an aquarium air pump could be a very nice decoration and useful equipment of your fish tank and it has the ability to create many different types of bubbles, which can look very nice and its capability to aerate the water makes it a good subject of your interest. They don’t cost much and they aren’t a heavy energy wasters. Usual energy consumption of these devices is just from 5 to 10 watts per hour. In addition bubbles from any aquarium air pump can be illuminated by colourful light source. This way you will create very unusual decoration which will attract people looking at your fish tank for many hours.It is because fish and plants need air. Fish like humans breathe oxygen and convert it into carbon dioxide. In the nature, the substrate at the bottom levels of rivers or creeks, is covered by plants and they produce a lot of oxygen (but only during the day, at night they breathe oxygen too, so there is less oxygen in the water, therefore do not turn off the aerator at night), however usually there are not enough plants in an aquarium to cover the whole process the same way like in the nature. The next reason for aeration is to create a natural movement of water which will also move toxins and fish waste in general, and allows their efficient filtration. If there were no aerator, the fish waste could settle everywhere in the tank: the plants, decorations. Not only it wouldn't look good, it is not good for the health of the plants and fish.Contrary to the popular belief that a fish tank air pump ‘supplies’ oxygen, the air pump actually promotes the dissolved oxygen. The increased dissolved oxygen means better and efficient gas exchange and minimizing of the harmful effects of other dissolved gases like ammonia. Ever wondered, that the oceans actually don’t have a huge air pump. Aeration is provided due to the super – sized surface area and the movements of the marine life in it.