Found it at Wayfair - Mini Oval 0.75 Gallon Aquarium Betta Kit ..

Found it at Wayfair - Mini Oval 0.75 Gallon Aquarium Betta Kit.
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If you are looking for a fish tank made of the most quality materials, go for Aquarium Masters Model AM13075. This product goes through inspection that complies to the highest industry standards. Aquarium Masters AM13075 75 Gallon Aquarium Kit is part of the Edge Series Rimless Reef Ready Aquarium patented with the following features: an adjustable flow rate system, a one-inch drain, a .75-inch return, and diamond polished edges for safety.
Top Fin 75 Gallon Hooded Aquarium Kit – Reviewed & Spec'd
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The Deep Blue Professional 75 Gallon Reef Ready Glass Aquarium Tank is all clean lines. The tank itself sturdy and comes with drilled bottom panels and thick, distortion-free glass. It has the added benefit of being ideal for both freshwater and marine aquaria. Again, the price does not include the kit, lights, hood or plumbing as online descriptions would tell you. and Lighting – Review Top Fin 75 Gallon Hooded Aquarium Kit – Reviewed & Spec'd.
Photo provided by FlickrTop Fin 75 Gallon Hooded Aquarium Kit – Reviewed & Spec'd.
Photo provided by FlickrDeal Alert! Edge 75 Gallon Rimless Reef Ready Aquarium Kit AM13075
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Edge 75 Gallon Rimless Reef Ready Aquarium With Plumbing Kit Opti-Pure Ultra Clear Glass Diamond Polished Edges Distortion Free Glass Made Of Glass Rimless Top Black Frame Bottom Corner or Center Overflow Patented Flow Rate System Reef Ready Plumbing...he is a 75-Gallon aquarium detailed with stylish black accent features. It is 48 inches in length, by 18 inches wide, by 21 inches high, so you end up with plenty of room to house a large number of fish. It’s ideal for just about any type of fish, making a perfect home for your favorite freshwater or saltwater varieties. This is a core tank, rather than a kit, so you’ll just need to pick up some basics – like a pump and heater – before you’re ready to begin.The Top Fin aquarium kit is available with virtually everything the hobbyist requires to begin fish keeping. The all-glass aquarium has an attractive black finish and is sealed with non-toxic, 100 percent silicon sealer. Top Fin offers cabinet-style stands for their various size aquariums that are designed with a dedicated canopy, which holds the fluorescent tubes. Aquarists can choose from different size aquariums, including 29, 55 and 75-gallon units, suitable for both novice and experienced hobbyists.Another optional feature of most of the tanks is the tempered glass, and is available when purchasing tanks such as the 1.5-Gallon 3-way Betta Tank Kit and the 75-Gallon Reef Ready Glass Aquarium. While many customers have commented on the strength and durability which this brings, other customers aren’t too impressed, so this one really is a matter of opinion. The Marineland 75 gallon aquarium majesty ensemble provides a functional, stylish platform to kick off your aquarium project the right way. The massive 75 gallon glass tank is planted securely on top of a tasteful black stand (included) that provides all of the support necessary to safely support your aquarium.For an ensemble of this size, it’s nice to purchase both the tank and the stand at the same time to eliminate any potential problems when it comes to finding a suitable stand to support your tank (or vice versa).This isn’t a full kit, but it includes all of the basics needed to start your build, allowing you to customize the individual components (like filter and heater) to match your unique goals. It does come with a matching glass canopy with integrated LED lighting to ensure a proper fit and adequate lighting across the interior of the tank.These LED lights provide extremely improved lifespan beyond traditional lights, all while drawing much less electricity than other types of lighting options. The glass canopy allows natural ambient light to further penetrate the top of the tank, reducing the workload demanded from the LEDs.With a limited lifetime warranty, you won’t have to worry about defects that take a while to make themselves apparent. At 48 inches wide, 21 inches high, and 18 inches deep, the tank balances capacity and frontal viewing area to produce an impressive profile. The stand further elevates the tank to a total of 50 inches tall, while only adding 2 inches to the width. This 55 gallon aquarium kit has a nice long, rectangular shape to it. It includes a bright white LED lighting fixture as well as many other nice accessories to get you started in using this tank as a home for your fish. The filter is a Silentstream 75 Power Filter with a cartridge included.