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There’s only really one thing to say about this 75 gallon aquarium. And that’s acrylic.
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It is safe and secure and large enough for you to use it to keep several different pets. For anyone who wants a basic design without any unnecessary frills and features that make the price tag go up, this is definitely one of the best aquarium tanks out there, suitable for all kinds of different creatures and solid enough to hold water without leaking, and with 75 gallon capacity, you have the ability to keep every type of fish, reptile or mammal, even larger species.
Is it just for the 75 gallon or are all aquariums marked down? I really need a 20 gallon for my son’s tarantula.
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When it comes to big aquariums there are quite a few things to know, but luckily, once you have finished with the setup, and buying all of the accessories, the maintenance is fairly straightforward. You’re going to need a list of items to get your 75 gallon (or larger) aquarium outfitted, so we may as well start with your shopping list. […] If you’ve a slightly bigger budget and would a slightly more challenging aquarium try reading our 75 Gallon Aquarium top list. […]
Photo provided by Flickri bought an aquarium from a friend of mine, its a 75 gallon tank, im having issues because it has no lid!!! i really dont know what my options are.
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If a 75 gallon aquarium sounds big, it’s because it is. The standard dimensions of a tank like this is 48” x 18” x 21”. Empty, the tank weighs an average of 140 pounds. Filled, the average weight is 850 pounds.My decision to start with a 75 gallon aquarium is simple. I wanted a lot of fish and I had room to place the tank in. Not that it made the whole buying process any easier.The 75 gallon aquarium is right smack in the middle of the large aquarium sizes. It can allow your fish more room to swim in or it could let you add more or bigger fish.The Deep Blue Professional 75 Gallon Reef Ready Glass Aquarium Tank is all clean lines. The tank itself sturdy and comes with drilled bottom panels and thick, distortion-free glass. It has the added benefit of being ideal for both freshwater and marine aquaria. Again, the price does not include the kit, lights, hood or plumbing as online descriptions would tell you.75 gallon planted aquarium overview what in it and how im rolling it good to be back people
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Top Fin is a solid name in aquariums. So it’s no surprise that many people would get a Top Fin 75 Gallon Hooded Aquarium when they want a large tank for the home. It’s fairly easy to install and quite sturdy. The price isn’t so bad either. In fact, it’s one of the cheaper ones in the market.All Glass Aquarium Overflow System is like your budget 75 gallon aquarium. It’s cheaper than most of the other brands on this list. The one thing it has going for it other the price is the improved circulation and filtration that greatly reduces the sound of trickling water. It looks like your standard aquarium, nothing really special. But it works well enough.For choosing the for a 70/75/80 gallon fish tank there are many options; however, a canister or power filter may be a good choice for these tank sizes. In this review, I will cover some of the best filters rated for 70 – 80 gallon aquariums that you can choose from based on your needs and budget.