Rectangle Aquarium 180x60x60 cm - 648 Liter

Tetra Aquarium explorer line 60 liter 32x50x60 cm | Pets Place
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The Whisper 60 model has two outlets and is rated for aquariums up to 60 gallons.
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The very powerful Top Fin 60 from the tank provide its inhabitants an ideal place to live healthily. The bright and the high light transmission properties of the glass provide a good view of the aquarium fish and plants even in the dark. The kit also comes with a 200w aquarium heater needed to maintain a required water temperature that is ideal for a tropical fish tank setup. Superfish Home 60 Aquarium Zwart
Photo provided by FlickrAquascaping For Fish Aquarium | 60 litres : aquascape avril 2012 "Life Root" | Regi Fish Focus
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Innovative rahmenlose Riffsysteme für alle anspruchsvollen Aquarianer: Red Sea REEFER Aquarium 170 (60 cm Länge / 130 Liter) #aquarium #meerwasserhardware-60 gallon Hexagon Aquarium
-5 AngelFish
-2 Live plants
-Coral Sand

im planing to add a few more plants to it and buy one more angelfish x)Aquarium led strip waterdicht RGB incl simulator en software; dag/nacht, zons op- en ondergang, bewolkte dag. 100-150€ incl. voor 60 liter aquariumSetting up a new Innovative Marine Aquarium SR-60, including an initial review of the tank and stand, and things to keep in mind prior to your purchase.My Marina 60 Aquarium fitted with great LED lights system that changes colours, shades, modes and more. In this video ill show you the different this it can do.

Change the colour of the LED lights depending on what mood you are in, what time of day it is, or choose your colour and mode to match your room décor. All easily done using the remote control that comes with the light.

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Google +1 (2): he Marineland Heartland 60 Gallon Aquarium ensemble comes complete with lighting, aquarium hood and stand providing a vast front panel maximizing impact and aquatic visibility. Being a large aquarium it is perfectly suited to setting up and maintaining a reef / coral environment. Overall the tank and its setup is well reviewed on supplier, manufacturer and forums with many commenting on the benefit over a . You can rest assured with quality of the tank being, a limited life time warrantee is provided when used with the black heartland stand.just got an elite style 60 aquarium, quite a nice size, not to big for my first one, day 10 and first fish added, 2 x Dwarf Gourami, 2 x Corydora, 6 Guppies and 1 CatfishThe booth of the HAGEN company was one of the largest booths at InterZoo 2014 fair. There were numerous aquariums displayed there, both planted and marine. In this video I show you freshwater planted aquariums.

- Fluval Fresh aquarium set. I think it is not F-90, volume 128 liters, because it looks larger. The layout is very interesting, with large fragment of driftwood curved in an interesting way. Plants used here are: Cyperus helferi, Eleocharis accicularis, Anubias nana, Hemianthus callitrichoides, Cryptocoryne sp., and some aquatic moss on driftwood :)

- I think this aquarium is Fluval Fresh F-60 aquarium set, volume 85 liters. Very nice and well balanced composition, with ADA Dragon Stones used as a main decoration. Plants used in this layout are: Cyperus helferi, Eleocharis accicularis, Pogostemon helferi, Heminathus callitrichoides and Glossostigma elatinoides.

- This cube is probably Fluval Fresh F-35 aquarium set, volume 58 liters. Quite interesting composition, with a "lonely tree" theme :) The trunk is simply a fragment of driftwood, and the leaves are clumps of Hemianthus callitrichoides, still rooted in mineral wool in which they are usually sold in shops. The whole "tree" looks like a willow, and has very nice proportions. In my opinion, however, the group of stemmed plants in the right corner in the back is not neccessary. First, it is almost covered by the tree, second, it makes the tree less visible. What do you think, guys?

- Fluval Fresh F-90 aquarium set, volume 128 liters. Another nice composition, this time variation of the theme "path in the middle". Looks quite fresh (I mean, it's newly set up), but in time it would develop into very nice tank. Plants used in this layout are: Anubias nana, Anubias barteri, Anubias sp., and Bolbitis heudelotii.

Enjoy the video! :)